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Hello, I haven't been on in a good long time, not really sure how long. I haven't posted a blog in nearly 3 years now though so I'm guessing probably that long. I just decided to check up on this, see how everything's going, not sure how many of my old friends from here are still posting and active.

I think it might be time for an update!

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Well, I've realised I haven't posted a blog in nearly a year. So, looks like it's time for quite an update ;D

Well, over this past year, a lot has happened.

At Christmas time I got a new guitar, my guitar skills have increased quite a lot since I started in January 2008 and I'm glad to say I have. Also, I was playing with some friends but that was a fail as we were only playing together like once every few months so now I'm playing with some better friends and we've had 2 band practises within 2 weeks so all's good but our band practise this week we didn't have a bassist cause he was off and he normally supplies the microphone so we had to play quieter and our singer had to sing louder but all was good and we ended up messing around more without our bassist who is normally dominant and want's to get things done alot more.

Also, I've definitely changed, I've gotten more mature but still know how to have a good time. I've definitely gotten a lot more confident and feeling a lot more happier, I think this has something to do with recently getting a girlfriend in the late of April. She's definitely something for me (: And I have to say I love her and she's helped make me more confident and keeps me happy and I'm glad. And today we had another one of our picnics with her friend there were we go and buy a load of food from Tesco's then go to the park and eat it, this time we bought yoghurt's, a tub of ice-cream, tortilla chips, drinks and that's it. I also had quite a fun rest of the day.

I'm also nearing the end of this school year and then it's into Year 11 (10th Grade-American) and then after that it's either 6th form or college. But this past year (Year 10/9th Grade) has been quite a great time, new subjects (Business and Media) I have taken and old ones (Graphics and Spanish) which add to the compulsory English, Science, Math, Religious Studies and Physical Education. So far I've been doing alright in my cl@ss's, getting A's in my English Coursework, A's and A*'s in Science exam's but recently a B, A in Math's, C in my R.S mock exam and I think I'm doing okay in P.E. For the subjects I took, I'm highly enjoying Media Studies as I am thinking of doing something related to that when I'm older, the Designing part is what interests me, same with Graphics, Spanish is quite good, first piece of coursework went well and my teacher makes the lessons more enjoyable but Business Studies is just typing after typing and is getting dull and repetitive and hopefully it picks up soon or I'm going to really regret taking it instead of music.
Last but not least, my birthday is coming up on 27th June, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing or what I'm getting but I'll finally glad to be 15 as a lot of my friends have already turned this and I feel so young yet I seem to be taller than most of them : Ah well, another year's gone by already after my last birthdays, it's only seemed like a few days.

Well, that's this update blog over ;D Thanks for reading even if it was long and thanks for reading even if you didn't read it all.

School! D;

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Well tomorrow I go back to school after my 6 weeks holidays! D: I'm sorta glad to be going back though because it hasn't really been the most exciting summer holidays and I'll get to see friends that I haven't been able to see over the summer! ;D But it's year 10 which means more homework and I probablys won't be on as much as I will probablys try and put as much effort into school as I can and keep my good grades up. Also...the school day has been changed it used to be everday it we would have 3 lessons on the morning, each for an hour and on the second lesson about half way through we'd go for a 15 minute break then come back to the lesson then like an hours luch then 2 more lessons which both lasted an hour. But now it's for Mon-Thur we have 3 lessons in the morning each for an hour then break in lesson 2 then it's lunch but we only get 30 minutes of lunch then it's 30 minutes of Guidance and Welfare then the last 2 lessons then on friday we have 4 lessons from 9am-1pm then we can either go home or stay for lunch and after school activities.

I'm pretty bored at the moment as well ;D

~Briggsey2k7 :D

TOS :evil:

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Well, today I got a TOS because my sig was to big and now it has been deleted :| I don't see any point though, it's my sig, I should be able to choose how big it was and it's not like it was doing anyone any harm...unless any of you are allergic to big sig's? They don't really have the right to delete my sig anyway, I could have important stuff on there :evil:

Anyway, my rant is over :D

~Briggsey2k7 :D

Summer Holidays! =D

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Finally it's the summer holidays! Today was my last day of year 9, quite a borin day though :( But we still had a bit of a laugh and now we have 6 weeks off but my brothers and sister are still at school til wednesday then they're off then they start my school when they get back. Gonna be seeing them more often.

Well, hope my summers ok :D Not gonna see much of the sun though, gonna be more like rain for us, guess that's the 'lovely' british weather for you :| But anyway it's end of school for 6 weeks for me! :D

Birthday! (yesterday)

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Well, I forgot to do this blog yesterday so I'll do it today:

Well, yesterday was my birthday :D I got a new Xbox 360 game(Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit) some maltesers (quite alot of boxes of maltesers actually :D), some mint and orange matchmakers and some money and cards.

Also, at school this girl I like got me a card and some maltesers :D

Well, cya :P

~Briggsey2k7 :D

Skiing tomorrow! (Away for a week!)

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Well, as most of you won't know I am going away skiing with my school tomorrow and will be away for a week so I won't be able to post on anything or reply too any of your PM's or comments on anything for a whole week!!

Well, hopefully I will have a good time =] There is a fancy dress party on on friday of next week at skiing and Im going as Fred Flintstone

Cya all in a week

~Briggsey2k7 :D

New Guitar! =D (Vintage LP)

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Well, yesterday I bought a New guitar, Vintage Les Paul Mahogany/Alder, I also got a carry bag, 3 picks, a Marshall amp, strap and a stand.

Im pretty proud of it coz it's a pretty good guitar, I can't really play that well yet but Im learning and getting a bit better and hope that one day I'll be able to play like Slash or another big guitarist! :D

~Thanks, Briggsey2k7 :D

Happy New Year! =D

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Happ New Year everyone! And I hope 2008 is great and everything, and if you've made a new year resolution I hope you all stick them!:P :P :P I hope you all had a fun night last night aswell. :D :D :D


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