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Gamer Shark Review: Bioshock Infinite


Release- 3/26/13

Platforms- 360, PS3, PC, VITA, MAC

Gamespot Score-9.0

Let me preface this by saying that without this game there was a good chance that up until a few months ago I may never have played video games frequently again.  Thanks to this game I found a renewed passion in this industry.  Think about that kind of power for just one game and tell me whether or not its worth  at least a rent.  But once you rent it, you may never be able to return it so be warned.

Booker Dewitt owes money to the wrong people.  After years of military service as well as a questionable role as a Pinkerton agent where he did things he wasn't proud of, he landed hard in the bottle and compiled massive gambling debts.  All seemed lost until a man came to him with a proposition.  Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.  Booker is enlisted to go to a mysterious city in the clouds to retrieve this girl and bring her back in exchange for his debt.  This girl is Elizabeth and there is a little more to her than meets the eye youll unravel this story yourself as you play.  This one will surprise you if youve managed to avoid spoilers up until this point (Bravo if you did).Some have been confused but if you let it process you'll be impressed at the level of thought that went into this games story.

In terms of gameplay this game one does not drift too far from previous games but there are a few major distinctions.  One that may or may not dissapoint is the use of only two guns at a time.  These guns include the essentials like the pistol and shotgun with a few outside the box ideas like the volleygun.  My personal favorite was the carbine with either the sniper rifle or the hand cannon.  Although I personally prefered having the full arsenal on me at any given time like in the past.  However the use of vigors (plasmids) has been upgraded to two interchangeable on the battlefield and the rest at your disposal to be swapped in and out.  While on the topic of those I quite liked the selection of these that the player had although there are a few that I found little need to use mainly the return to sender that acted as a bullet shield that launched them back.  If thats your thing then go for it its just not mine.  I also found little need for this games variation of electro bolt in favor of the others.  And possession just seemed like a hassle.  I would rather have had more offensive vigors equipped.  My favorite combo was Murder of Crows and Devils Kiss used one after the other especially by setting traps around the field.

The enemies you'll face vary greatly throughout your time with the game.  They add a feeling of uncertainty which gives the game a bigger fear of the unexpected that many gamers crave.  I liked that each type of enemy was immune to the powers they used.  The firemen were immune to Devils Kiss, the Crows were immune to Murder of Crows, and the Handymen and Motorized Patriots were immune to electricity unless wet.  It is this type of gameplay that has players getting creative with their methods especially with the numerous powers at your disposal.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the use of music in this game.  Aside from the score which was amazing I might add, the use of real world songs from times after the game takes place was interesting.  They were used to demonstrate the use of parallel universes that are a big part of the game.  And it was pretty cool hearing real songs in the game.

There aren't enough nice things I can say about this game.  It is the type of thought provoking experience that brings up the discussion of video games being art and gives me great pride to be a gamer.  If you haven't tried it yet I high lt recommend that you do so.

My Rating-10/10