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Well that's a bummer

So after getting a new apartment and finally having set up my internet, I decided so get back here. Unfortunately two things came to my attention. Firstly, I noticed that the console war stupidity is in full swing and secondly, it seems that a lot of users are leaving due to some changes being made. Though I'm going to stay, it'll not be the same without you guys and the unions. You guys were the reason I kept coming back to GS. Now, I'm not very good at ending stuff like this so I'm just gonna say farewell.


P.S: If you guys have accounts in other places, can you PM me about them.

P.P.S: I know this blog is pretty small and doesn't do justice to the people leaving but it's pretty late here right now. I'll probably make a bigger blog tomorrow.

Musings - Backlog

I'm a guy who takes pride in knowing that I don't have a backlog. I finish every game that I start. But yesterday, I realised something - I do have a backlog. They are-

1) Final Fantasy IV

2) Final Fantasy VI

3) Overlord 2

4) Warcarft 3: The Frozen Throne

5) Metro 2033

Now, I know that's a pretty small list but the thing is that I've had these games for years and I've even tried to finish them multiple times only to abandon them mysterioulsy even though I was enjoying them. :P

Let me know what you guys think.

Happy New Year!

2013 is finally here (despite many warnings of the end of the world) and I'm dead tired from last night's party. I had to babysit my dad's colleague's kids. Those two are going to be the end of me :P. All jokes aside, I did enjoy last night a lot. The food was great and the music......not so much. :P

Anyways, happy new year guys.

Sexism in Video games: "B-but men are sexually objectified too"

Before I start, let me clarify that I'm not posting this blog as an editorial. I don't want a flood of idiots dismissing my opinion over my age or other such comments. Now on to the main matter-

Every once in a while, a major gaming site posts an article on sexism in video games. The authors do an awesome job of shining the light on sexism in video games but these guys are usually shredded to pieces by commenters using a variety of arguments. Most of these arguments are really stupid and are countered easily. As the title of this blog suggests, we are going to debunk one of these arguments - that men are as sexualised as women in video games.

The idea behind it, as you can imagine, is that since most men in video games are depicted as these huge, hulking gorillas, this exaggeration of masculinity is over-sexualing men in the same way women are over-sexualised. This is total bullsh*t. It's a situation of false equivalence - the idea that two things presented together are equal when in reality they aren't. This idea falls apart for many reasons one of them being that it assumes that the things men find attractive are the same as the things women find attractive.

The other reason is the fact that there is a big difference between turning a character into a sexual object and having that character be a power fantasy. Let's take for example Marcus Fenix from the Gears series. There is never an emphasis on his sexuality in any way, only on the fact that he is a living, breathing killing machine. He is a male power fantasy. Now I hear you saying that women find powerful men attractive but that's another thing altogether. Power here means influence and inluence comes from a lot of things such as confidence, physical appearance, body language, money etc. not from being able to gun down and entire army or from highly exaggerated masculinity.

If men were as sexually objectified as women, trust me, you would know. In MGS3, a game that isn't really about attractive women, there are various points in the game where the player can get a close-up of EVA's bosoms and rears by pressing a button. Now imagine the apocalypse if they did this with a male character. If male sexuality was really forced down our throats you would hear about it.

P.S - This is probably going to be my last blog till April. My final exams will keep me busy from November to Early April. So wish me luck. :D

Birthday Blog

That's right people, I'm now 17 and if you haven't guessed it, it's my birthday............and also of a famous historical figure :P.


Anyways, in my last blog I asked for some advice on what to buy, the choices being DOA5 and F1 2012. Well, so much for that. Instead I bought 2 games which are entirely unrelated to those aforementioned games :P. I bought Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time and Batman: Arkham Asylum and I don't regret changing my buying desicion one bit ;)



I've already finished both games and I have say that Ratchet and Clank is now my most favourite game of all time.

Now, we've come to the end of the blog and as a reward for being the few people who read my blog I'll give you cake (though I don't suggest eating them :P)


The Dilemma

Hello guys, I'm back and welcome to my blog. My it-takes-forever-for-me-to-write-a-blog-even-if-it's-gonna-be-short blog. As the blog title suggests, I'm stuck in a dilemma. Armed with 3000 INR (roughly $60), I have to decide what I'm going to buy for my birthday (It's on Oct 2). This is a hard choice, there's TTT2, DOA5, F1 2012, Borderlands 2, Sleeping Dogs.............and they're all too good. I just can't decide :cry:.

Anyways, I'm mainly interested in picking up either DOA5 or F1 2012. On one hand DOA is fighter I've never played before an am interested to see what it's all about...........other than boobs. But on the other hand I'm a huge F1 fan and........ that probably says it all.

What do you guys think? What should I go for?

I finished Portal 2!

Yep, you read that right. I've finished Portal 2. After many 15 minute sessions I've finally finished it. It was tough considering I felt nauseated after every 15 - 30 minutes of playing that game. Still, the game was, as GlaDOS would put it, preeeeeeeetty good. Almost all the puzzles were moderately easy to solve but a good few required a bit more thinking. The characters were awesome especially GlaDOS. Also, loved the credits song.

Now, I'm going to focus on finishing Persona 4. I'm in August in the game so I think I've finished close to half of the game. I can't wait to get to the end of the story:D.

Elsewhere about my real life, I thinking about taking up Taekwondo next year. No, I'm not taking it up because I've seen a few Taekwondo matches on TV during the Olympics (although it helped a little) but because most of my cousins know Taekwondo and they tease me about not knowing it every chance they get.

Anyways that's all for now. See you guys on the next blog.

New blog, new game and a ton of schoolwork cleared

Hello guys, heres an update on my life this past week just in case if anyone cared.Anyone? *crickets chirping*

Lets start with real life. It was a hectic week at school with tons of assignments and a generous amount of tests. Not surprising since this is my last year:P. But now my schoolwork is cleared and am looking forward to the weekend. Finally playing my guitar after 4 days.

Gaming took a backseat this week especially for the last 3-4 days. However, I got Persona 4 yesterday. After 2 weeks it was ordered:|. I've played this game a little and I absolutely love what I've seen so far:D. This game could potentially ruin my social life for the next 6 months:lol:. But all jokes aside, this and Portal 2 should keep me occupied for the next month or so:D.

Oh and if you want, I can give you the code for the play-asia discount coupon. I'll PM it to the first person to ask me in the comments. I've got no use for this cuz I'm never going to buy anything worth more than $30 from that site:P.

And that's all for this week folks. I got nothing else to tell. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So see you next blog.

Look what I've got

Portal 2. Yep, I got Portal 2 a few hours ago. You must be wondering why I am writing this blog instead of playing the game. Well, that's because when I played P2, after an hour or so, I started to feel nauseated and dizzy. This has nothing to do with the game being bad or anything like that mind you but this pretty much means that I wont be playing this game very often:(. However, on the bright side I'll be getting a few more games in future so those will keep me entertained while I slowly finish P2:D.

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