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(My Pokemon Gold Adventure) Scyther

November 2, 2012:

Well I spent all day Wednesday (I accidentally set my date a day ahead) getting to and finding the Pokemon bug catching contest and finally getting to it, but I didn't have any luck getting a Scyther. Today I decided to try again, but this time not saving and turning if off if I don't get it so I can try again. Only thing was I didn't need to! I got Scyther with 15 min left in the competition, I had thought about getting a Beedrill instead because I had run into one before, but I just wanted Scyther too much and kept going, sure enough it payed off and I now own a Scyther!


Current Team:

Totodile (TOSTITOS): Lvl.20

Pidgeotto: Lvl.21

Butterfree: Lvl.15

Sandshrew: Lvl.13

Scyther: Lvl.13

Kenya w/ mail: (Delivery pokemon)