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So um......Pokemon.....

Yeah so that update post I guess was kind of not true. I didn't mean for it to not be true though! I have been playing my GBC under a light all the time and it's starting to get a little old. So what I'm wanting to do is get a GBA SP so I can play with a backlight so I can play at night or whenever! Once I get that (I have no idea when that will be) I will be right back on track with "My Pokemon Gold Adventure"!

Another Update (Comming Back)

It has been FOREVER since I updated this blog, but I haven't played in a while, I looked at my Gameboy Color today and realized I wanted to play again so I'll be playing as much as possible tomorrow. It also helps to get comments so I know that people are reading, you don't have to, it just helps me to want to update more, again it's not mandatory but I love to see them :) thanks for reading, I'll be back on track soon enough!

Pokemon Online!

I have started this before but it was way too laggy and now I'm back on it! It's called Pokemon World Online and its a pokemon game that you online! Grab a friend and start it together! you play it just like an other pokemon game with the exception of playing online with friends. I highly recomend playing it and if you want to play with me add me "BozzyBear" (I had my friend choose my new name cause I couldn't remember my Bozilla or boz2478 stuff) and I made my town I sailed to "Pallet Town". If you are reading this then I hope you decide to play it and will enjoy it! (Also remember it is still in Beta)


(My Pokemon Gold Adventure) Making Little Girls Cry

Well it's been a while but I played some on my vacation and will be more, but I had written this post before and was almost done and then my computer froze, and seeing as how I don't want to do ALL of that again (It was fairly long) so I will just point out some major points. Once I got Scyther I went around in the grass and such leveling Scyther so he could get up to my other Pokemon, and once I thought I was ready I went to the next gym and saw that the gym leader was a little girl. It wasn't as easy as I thought that it was going to be, her Milktank's Rollout was really powerfull against all of my Pokemon, so I lost the first time, then I decided to Level grind even more, then I came back but this time I was succesful (pretty well too I might add) and the little girl said "You're a meanie! *sniff* *sniff*" well safe to say I was just thinking about the gym badge and nothing else, but I didn't get one! I walked a few steps away and another girl ran up and said "You beat her!? She'll be crying but she'll be over it soon" Hmmmm I wonder just how soon. So after wondering that I walked right back up to the Gym leader and she said "*Sniff* *Sniff* what?....oh you want a gym badge?.... Ok, here you go. *sniff* *sniff*" Well with that being said and after winning the battle, I left happy and on my way out I decided to talk to the guy in front cause I don't usually. He said "I'm here to see all of these attractive girls!" I found it weird because in my head I saw him as an adault and the girls as children! Well finding this creepy I just decided to leave and never come back..... or talk to that guy again. I have no idea what happened after I left but outta sight outta mind right?


Current Team:

Totodile (TOSTITOS): Lvl.22

Pidgeotto: Lvl.23

Butterfree: Lvl.18

Scyther: Lvl.19

HM SLAVE (Geodude): Lvl.3

Kenya w/ mail: (Delivery pokemon)


Hello to anyone who reads this, I am really sorry for not updating on My Pokemon Gold Adventure but Halo 4 came out and that was eating up the time I had usually spent playing Pokemon, and recently I have been too sick to play any type of video games, but I leave for a trip on Sunday that is gonna take a whole week so during that time I will be playing more and updating!

(My Pokemon Gold Adventure) Scyther

November 2, 2012:

Well I spent all day Wednesday (I accidentally set my date a day ahead) getting to and finding the Pokemon bug catching contest and finally getting to it, but I didn't have any luck getting a Scyther. Today I decided to try again, but this time not saving and turning if off if I don't get it so I can try again. Only thing was I didn't need to! I got Scyther with 15 min left in the competition, I had thought about getting a Beedrill instead because I had run into one before, but I just wanted Scyther too much and kept going, sure enough it payed off and I now own a Scyther!


Current Team:

Totodile (TOSTITOS): Lvl.20

Pidgeotto: Lvl.21

Butterfree: Lvl.15

Sandshrew: Lvl.13

Scyther: Lvl.13

Kenya w/ mail: (Delivery pokemon)

(My Pokemon Gold Adventure) Team Rocket

October 31, 2012

I went down the Slowpoke well and started fighting team rocket members and then I came across a Slowpoke and I thought I was gonna pick it up and rescue it, but instead it said "It is a SLOWPOKE with it's tail cut off" I was thinking "Okay that's a little weird then it said "Look there is a letter attached!" at this point I wasn't sure what to expect and the note read something like "I will be gone for a while, take care of grandpa and this SLOWPOKE -Love Dad".... What the hell? It's bad enough that it has it's tail cut off but it had a note from a little girls dad saying "Take care of Grandpa and the SLOWPOKE". Then again you cant expect much else from Team Rocket. Well I then left the well and went to Kurts house (The dad) and he made me a Lure Ball and the slowpoke was returned to the little girl. I then went on to the Gym and actually failed the first time sadly, the trainer had a Scyther (The bug type I really want) and it killed my good Pokemon the first time, Pidgey was supposed to Evolve but since I was whited out I had to wait till Pidgey is Lvl.19 but I took on the Gym leader a second time and this time kicked ass! My Totodile is now a Croconaw! I also have HM Cut for getting that guys Farfetchd back


Current Team:

Croconaw (TOSTITOS): Lvl.18

Pidgeotto: Lvl.19

Butterfree: Lvl.15

Bellsprout (HM Slave): Lvl.3

(My Pokemon Gold Adventure) Slowpoke Tail?

October 30, 2012:

In the past couple days I caught another HM Slave (Geodude) just incase I need a more solid HM slave. Also the egg has hatched and it was a Togepi, Prof. Elm wants me to take it back to him but its a long ways away... so at the moment I am in Azalea Town, and from what I can see Slowpokes are big in this town, the guy in front of the Gym said "Do you know about SLOWPOKETAIL? I heard it's tasty! Aren't you glad I told you that?" and what I have to respond is no, I have no idea why I would want or need to know that. Also I think I need HM cut so I gotta find that some where, oh well I'll crack down on it today because I have been busy for the past couple of days so I haven't had time to do anything major.


Current Team:

Totodile (TOSTITOS): Lvl.16

Pidgey: Lvl.14

Butterfree: Lvl.14

Belsprout (HM Slave): Lvl.3

(My Pokemon Gold Adventure) Flash

October 28, 2012:

Earlier today I beat the first gym and got the Flash HM, I caught the nearest pokeon I could find and made it learn Flash as my "HM slave" (it's a bellsprout).I also got the egg from one of Prof. Elm's assisstances, it'll be a while waiting for that to hatch. Other than that not much Pokemon wise has happened today but I do hope to get a Scyther later on in the game.


Current Team:

Totodile (TOSTITOS): Lvl.14

Pidgey: Lvl.13

Butterfree: Lvl.12

Egg: Lvl.??

Bellsprout (HM slave): Lvl.3

(My Pokemon Gold Adventure) Stupid Hoothoots!

October 26, 2012:

So I spent all night last night trying to find a Pidgey, but all I could find were Hoothoots, Rattatas, and Spinaraks so after a while I gave up and went to sleep, When I woke up the second pokemon I ran into was sure enough a Pidgey, So I assumed it was because it was night that I saw so many Hoothoots, but now I have a Pidgey and a caterpie, now just to lvl them and then go to the first gym!


Current Team:

Totodile (TOSTITOS): Lvl.11

Pidgey: Lvl.10

Caterpie: Lvl.3

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