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Reviews made on sales websites before official release

Im very sick of people who feel it neccesary to post reviews to games that are not even released because they are "fanboys" of their own systems and dont want poor pre release reviews? its just absolutely absurd, i have owned (budget allowing and personal taste) pretty much every console of its generation,starting back with the atari and following through to xbox 360 and a PS3, each revision or superceded version offering more of a realistic experience, the newer the console hopefullycomes with an improvement in graphics,sound and gameplay,I know expectations have moved on and at the danger of sounding like an old fogeychildren of today to me appear to have more disposable income?but what we should all remember is we buy a console or a game, essentiallyto be immersed in a different reality and ultimatelybecause itsfun! So if a game is good, its both engaging and challenging (and developers take note)It should beinnovative, then we will buy it, but not because a load of saddos have ramped up a false prediction pre release. I buy a few games but as they are so expensive i scour the internet for fairly honest reviews, thank goodness for Gamespot and its system.