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Getting back into Street Fighter

I'm kind of late to the Street Fighter 4 craze because I am a Tekken guy. The last Street Fighter game I've played competitively was the first Capcom vs SNK game. Since then, my go-to fighting game had been Tekken. I've been playing Tekken Tag, Tekken 5 and its expansion Dark Resurrection, and the most recent one, Tekken 6.

SF4 and Tekken 6 came out last 2009, and I picked up Tekken 6 out of those two. The gameplay was great but the load times were kind of a letdown. Even though my skills never reached tournament level, I still enjoyed Tekken 6.

Then last year, Super Street Fighter 4 was released, which is a standalone game that features additional playable characters. I was excited about it but then I got crazy about all the other great games like Mass Effect 2, MGS Peace Walker, Fallout New Vegas, and more. 2010 had a lot of great games that it drowned out my interest in Super Street Fighter 4.

But that was ok because another iteration of Street Fighter 4 had been released this year and this time I bought it. It was a game called Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (or just SSF4AE). I'm having a blast in this game. I'm only a few hours in this game. At the time of this writing, I have finished Arcade mode twice, played a few Trial Challenges, and fought online twice. My online record is 1-1 and I played as Zangief on both matches. So basically, I'm still in the learning process and I want to get better at this game and hopefully I'll be on the local tournament scene. Or not.

Anyway, I'm playing on the PC so if any of you wanna play, you can add me on Games for Windows Live. My ID is boybrushdred.

Also, here's some screenshot comparisons on "extra graphical effects" which was exclusive on the PC version of SSF4AE.

Original (as seen on consoles and arcade)

[spoiler]  [/spoiler]

[spoiler]  [/spoiler]


[spoiler]  [/spoiler]

[spoiler]  [/spoiler]


[spoiler]  [/spoiler]

[spoiler]  [/spoiler]


[spoiler]  [/spoiler]

[spoiler]  [/spoiler]

My Favorite Games of 2010

I've had a blast in 2010. I've got myself a new PSP, and I've completed my custom built gaming PC. I also managed to upgrade my PS3's HDD to a higher capacity so it can store more games, demos and media. I also got a handful of old and new games. Of all the 2010 games I've played, there are a few that stood out. Here they are:

My Top 5 games of 2010

5.NBA 2K11

I'm not big on sports games. Usually, a quick exhibition game is all I need because I would rather play an RPG or another story driven game than spend a chunk of my time on a sports game's career mode (or association, season, my player, whatever). But year after year, I keep playing new NBA titles. This year was no exception. The addition of Michael Jordan and the Jordan Challenges made NBA 2K11 a winner, especially if you're a fan of MJ and the Chicago Bulls of the 90's. This game stands out from all other basketball sims over the past years.

4. God of War 3

Greek mythology was boring on our literature cIasses in school, but the God of War series had drawn my interest since I started playing the first game a few years ago. God of War 3 has a great story, intense combat, epic boss battles, and amazing visuals. A great end to a trilogy.

3. Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games that's why New Vegas was my most anticipated 2010 game. There are new features like the new faction reputation system, balanced character levelling, skill based speech challenges, etc. And the different choices you make result in varied consequences. These improvements and new features should have made this game better than its predecessor, but the presence of technical issues left many players disappointed. Despite its flaws, Fallout: New vegas is still worth playing. Because war... War never changes.

2. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

There's a lot of content here in Peace Walker. The main story is amazing and the boss fights are challenging. And there's a variety of side missions that are fun to play: from acquiring enemy war vehicles to recruiting soldiers through Wi-Fi hotspots. Multiplayer would have been awesome but its only available on ad-hoc mode. I never thought my playthrough would last for more than 50 hours and there are still more missions I haven't unlocked yet. This is easily one of the best games on the PSP.

1. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is amazing from the opening sequence to the very end. Combat is more intense than the first game. The skill system is more manageable. Your squadmates' loyalty missions make their characters more interesting.Bioware is one of the best story tellers in videogames and this sci-fi adventure is proof. Its a rewarding experience. Definitely a must play.

Honorable Mentions

God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Persona 3 Portable, BioShock 2

God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP bundle

Finally, I got my hands on the new God of war PSP bundle. I've always wanted this so bad since the day it was announced because I definitely dig the color of the PSP, and my old PSP (bought in 2007) is kinda getting old and battered.

The box is cool.

Here's what's inside the box.

The UMDs come in cardboard cases which everyone loves to hate.

It comes with 2 voucher coupons. GoW: Chains of Olympus, and Deimos skin for GoW3 on PS3.

Here's the PSP...

...and here it is again next to my old PSP

What surprised me is the Deimos skin voucher for GoW3. I didn't expect that because it wasn't listed on the ads. And its not even listed on the Package Contents listed under the box. Anyway, its a good bonus.

Oh and if you haven't played GoW Chains of Olympus yet, just send me a message here at Gamespot and I'll give you the voucher code for FREE. See, I'm such a nice guy.

(Voucher code is for United States PSN Account)

what my username means.....

Have you ever wondered, how did i come up with such a weird username of "boybrushdred"? Do you at least have a clue? Do you even care how to pronounce it correctly?

I've been using this username since 2005 in most of my online IDs like emails, IMs, forums, and other online accounts. Its also my Playstation Network ID, Steam ID, Games for Windows, and even Xbox Live (even though I don't own an Xbox. I just signed up for free at

Its actually derived from a song of one of my favorite metalcore bands, Underoath (pictured below).

The title of the song is "A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White", from their 2004 album, They're Only Chasing Safety. Listen to the song here.


What does your username mean?

New stuff for my PC

Here are some new stuff that i got recently for my PC.

Logitech G9 Laser Mouse and I-Rocks backlit compact keyboard

Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

NBA 2K11 for PC

I've built a gaming PC for the first time (with pics)

this past week, i've finished building my gaming pc. and i'm really happy with it. i've always dreamed of having a gaming pc because there are games that i like that i wont be able to play on my ps3, like mass effect, starcraft, diablo, etc...

instead of buying a branded pre-built machine, i decided to build one myself because of upgradeability, and to have a lot of options for picking the quality parts that i want. and to have freedom to build a system that suits my gaming needs.

the inside

the outside

the pc building threadon gamespot's pc hardware boards inspired me to start building my own pc. they made it look easy and it really helped me a lot.

here are the specs:

Case - Antec 600
Motherboard - ASRock H55 DE3
Graphics Card - Sapphire Radeon HD5850 1GB
Power Supply - Cougar 700 CM
CPU - Intel Core i7-860 @ 2.8 GHz
Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB
RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3-1600
DVD - Pioneer DVDRW Drive
Operating System - Windows 7 64bit

some of the parts

nothing special here. everything is running on stock speed because i can't afford overclocking and liquid cooling. and this is building on a budget. if only i had more cash, i would've chosen a better looking case.

so far, everything is working well. it can play ALL of my games (Audiosurf, Portal, Oblivion, Mass effect, Mass effect 2, Alien Swarm) at maximum settings @ 1360x768 60Hz (native resolution of my HDTV).

my desk

there you have it. i am now a pc gamer. you can add me on Steam. my steam ID isboybrushdred. next thing i'm gonna buy is a gaming mouse. probably the Razer DeathAdder.

Kojima is GOD

i've just finished Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker about 2 weeks ago. well, what can i say? Kojima is GOD!

watch the short video clip below and see for yourselves.


year end report: games i've played in 2009

November 28, 2009 - this is my year end report about the games (and DLCs) i've purchased that were released in the year 2009. you're probably wondering that its more than a month away before the end of the year, right? and i already did my year end report?. yes, i'm already done purchasing games this year. i don't see any other titles this year that is worth my money.

in my previous blog, i've already listed some games that i'm not gonna buy, and the reasons why. so check it out first, before you mock me when you don't see your favorite game on this list.

let's get started.

Burnout Paradise Party Pack (PS3)

first purchase of the year and it's a total dissapointment. but it was my bad because i didn't know what it was. i didn't research before buying it. if you remember, Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box was released this year and this premium DLC is included with it. so i thought buying this will give me the ultimate burnout experience, hence the title Ultimate Box. WRONG! its just an offline multiplayer pack that lets you do challenges with other players offline. i really regret this $10 purchase.

Flower (PS3)

this PSN exclusive title is a very unique and rewarding experience. very relaxing. all you gotta do is move the petal using the sixaxis' motion control and reach the objective points in each level. it has simple gameplay, great visuals, and great sound. after playing this game, i've realized that the world is beautiful.

Guitar Hero - Metallica (PS3)

i played and enjoyed GH1, GH2, GH80's, and GH3 on the ps2. and then came GH Metallica. im a Metallica fan. and this was my first guitar hero experience on the ps3 and it is awesome because it has a great setlist. for me, this is the ultimate guitar hero experience. and i can say that i can live by without playing any other guitar hero or rock band titles.

UFC 2009 Undisputed (PS3)

MMA fans rejoice. being a fan of the UFC, i really enjoy this game. this is the first MMA game in the current gen consoles and it did not dissapoint. the demo alone was a great experience. this game has depth. and it is complex, that every match you play will not be the same as any other matches you have played before. it is a very promising title, and a lot can be added and improved for next year.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS3)

one of the best fighting games ever, now has online multiplayer. 'nuff said.

Madden NFL 10 (PSP)

i thought i'm gonna pass this one because i have madden games every year. i guess i couldn't help myself. i gotta satisfy my football needs with a yearly dose of Madden NFL for the psp.

Dissidia - Final Fantasy (PSP)

one of the most anticipated psp games of the year is a final fantasy title. its a game made for the fans of the series. commemorating the final fantasy series' 20th anniversary. its a good game. a one on one action game with a good combat system. yes the game is good, but i didn't enjoy it as much as last year's Crisis Core.

Fallout 3 - Broken Steel (PS3)

finally, fallout 3 DLCs made their way on the ps3. it's about time. this is an important DLC for Fallout 3 because it raises the level cap to 30. i've waited so long for this. i was almost on the verge of buying an x360 pro just for fallout 3. good thing bethesda made the announcement as early as possible.

PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (PSP)

one of the best games on the ps3 is now portable and it has online multiplayer. its tower defense fun. the difficulty gets frustrating at times, but its still fun.

Tetris (PSP)

its tetris. i believe every gamer knows tetris. its the same old puzzle game we've played before, with added variety. to be honest, i really dont know what got into me for me to get tetris for the psp. sure, it doesn't cost that much being a psp minis game. i dunno. i mean i can live the rest of my life without playing tetris ever.

Gran Turismo (PSP)

i enjoyed this game when i was away from home during late-september 'til mid-october, equipped only with a PSP as my main source of gaming satisfaction. playing grind turismo (as i call it) is like level grinding in RPGs. you play more and more to gain more and more. and because there is no career mode, my main reason of playing is to earn 8 million credits so i can buy the ferrari f2007. after achieving that, the game just got old to me really fast. i'm still glad for this game even though some people consider this game a tech demo because the psp can do so much more.

NBA 2K10 (PSP)

this game along with GT PSP was my main source of entertainment in until mid-october because i was away from home, and i only have my psp to entertain myself. this was the first nba 2k game for the psp. i didn't expect much from this game because nba 2k games on the ps2 is the same year after year since 2k6. it plays the same and looks the same. it only adds updated rosters each year. and just like madden, i need a basketball game every year to satisfy my needs.

Fallout 3 - Point Lookout (PS3)

probably the best Fallout 3 DLC because it has a whole new area to explore with new weapons and enemies. the new swamp area is awesome.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 (PSP)

as a fan of the wwe, i really had fun with this game. it has pretty good graphics for a psp title, and it plays well. this was my first wrestling game since the PSOne days and it is awesome.

Tekken 6 (PS3 & PSP)

i've been a fan of the tekken series since tekken 3, so there's no way im gonna miss this. i got this game both for PS3 (because of online play) and PSP (for on-the-go tekken goodness).

God of War Collection (PS3)

i love the god of war series. one of my favorite games series ever. sure, i've played these games on the ps2 before but its good to re-play these games in lazy-HD while waiting for GoW3.

and that's it. those are all the games i've played this year. looking forward to next year's God of War 3, Final Fantasy 13, and hopefully Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2.

level up + all new fallout 3 theme

i just gained a level here at gamespot. im now a level 27 - sheng long. :). and we just got photoshop for our PC. yay. im really impressed by Bioshockraptor and Repulser's work on their designs. i always wanted to learn to do that, so i can pimp out my gamespot profile. 8) so i decided to make a fallout 3 theme for my gamespot profile because that's my favorite game of this gen. im just new to photoshop. im still learning the basics. all i can do is just add text to the images and thats it. :P well, maybe in the future i can create some wicked pop-outs but i gotta read some tutorials first. ;)

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