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You know you love games too much...

I work for a company that is about a half a block away from a Gamestop. What an evil trap for me. It's almost every day that I meander over there and browse the inventory, even if it was the same for the last four days in a row. It's a great convienance though, as I am able to put my reserves down and have an easy way to just mosey on over and pick my games up.

I went in today to slam down my reserve for Dead Space and put a little more towards the wonderously fun-looking Little Big Planet. After talking with the staff there for a bit, he mentioned that I frequent the place a lot and really appreaciated the feedback I give on games and also on how wonderful the employees there are. He showered me with left over pre-order stuff, such as the DVD making-of for Legendary, a beta key for Resistance 2, and even a baseball cap for the NBA '09.

Well, shortly thereafter, he asked me if I was a college student, which I promptly replied that I work at the company "about 150 feet that-a-way" full time. He asked me then if I was looking for any part-time work for over the holidays as he'd love to hire someone who appreciates games and genuinely enjoys the staff there.

God, you know you frequent a place too much when you're offered a job out of nowhere.

Funny thing is... I may take him up on that offer.