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3D modelling FTW!

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I was bored (a.k.a. sick of coursework), so decided to make a little 3D scene. This was to be different from my other 3D work (see figures 1 and 2) because it would be more than just a single object. Unfortunately, they tend to get boring. It's all fine and good copying something down from real world, but there's no sense of creativity. Scenes solve this problem, and figure 3 is the result.
Here are my previous works, in chronological order:

1) A controller I bought at the car boot sale for 20p. It actually makes Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix much better; but outside of that, it has almost no use whatsoever.
Figure 1:

2) A DS Lite. Not mine, you understand. My brothers. I still haven't made the jump, but I will eventually!
...I think....
Figure 2:

3) It's called 'Assassin in the Snow'. Nine hours of work compiled into this one scene. Some critisisms so far have been how feminine the assassin looks, how out of place the trees seem, and the lighting. I won't fix these issues, since it will be interesting to compare this image with my next one (probably a guy getting his throat slit)
Figure 3:

Please leave a comment with any improvement suggestions you may have ^^

'ave some o' that you slaaaag!!

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Yes, the phrase I tried to teach one of my German clan mates, Vokuhila, is now forcing itself back into my life. While it's true that the best said clan mate could do was "take some of zat you slarg", fighting games (beat 'em ups back in the day) seem to be better than I remember.

I played Tekken for a long time and got used to it. "So this is a fighting game" I told myself, and never explored any deeper.
Until I got a SNES. Obviously, SFII changed my opinion. And since then I've been playing the serious ones:
- Street Fighter
- Tekken
- Samurai Shodown
- King of Fighters
- Guilty Gear

And the not so serious ONE:
- Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix
This is the only title of this blog that deserves a picture:

Are those two samurai really smoking pot in an igloo while M. Bison rides by on a sledge? No, I must be drunk.

My point is, not what's with all the nunchakus, but that I feel stupid for missing out on such a competitive genre for so long. Apart from FPS', it's pretty much all I play nowadays. Heck, I even acquired Rurouni Kenshin: Ishin Gekitouhen for the PS1 (what a bad decision that was!), and was tempted to by the STFUppercut t-shirt. Fortunately though, I wisened up before I clicked 'add to cart'.

One thing I'm missing, though, is online. I have no means of playing fighting games online. Yeah, I have the DC. But like hell that's gonna work now.
Any ideas? :(