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EA's Madden Nation - wow want to know how i know your a nerd?

With the creation of online gaming, multiplayer video games are a must and are exclusively a great genre in their own right. But last night i saw a man cry after being defeated on madden.

Wait....!@# What !!!!!

CRY? yes CRY

Now thats taking it to far. for those that talk **** and cuss 5 year olds trying to have fun shame on you. Its just a game, your life is not better than it was the moment you beat anyone in Madden. You are never going to be judged by that 3 touchdown victory you had against the patriots last week.

And for the man who was brought to precipitation of the eye? Grow up! Apparently you played video games so much you forgot to mature into a man.

Keep fighting the good fight, and carry the light. Trix are for kids and video games are for fun and happiness, if you make it stressful by putting so much energy into it i guarantee that you will lose 7 years off your expected life expectancy.