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thepiratebay gone mad!

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Piratebay is a Free BitTorrent Sharing website , with millions of users , on the top 100 most popular websites , with hundreds of thousands loyal fans

The Founders have been sued , put to jail , and fighting for over 6 years , and now it's all gone

1.THE most important reason i am writing write now is a disturbing news i heard , it was that thepiratebay is going to be sold to a swedish gaming company , and there was an interview to, you know , fill the blanks of our minds , and as a big fan not only my worries ended but i got pissed of at those bunch of baboons that run the site , in the start of the interview thepiratebay said the are millions in debt , but are tierd of runnig thepiratebay with no pay , i feel for them for the fact that they are fighting for 5 years and nothing came out of it for them , but about there dept: later on in the interview it was mentioned that they are gonna sell the website for 7 million dollars or something , then they are gonna give all of the money to a charity that they founded but have nothing to do with (the charity works for Internet Survival!!! whatever the hell that is!)... So , what , i'm supposed to believe that they have millions in dept , they sell their very very popular website , and give the money to charity?!!! either the whole story or most parts of it are total **** ( and at the later on with the interview they said they need fans' support more than ever , yeah, stop lying and then maybe we would)..... But at the end of the interview thepiratebay said that it is written in the contract that if the new company changes the main core of thepiratebay (witch is Free BitTorrent Sharing website , i think) they would lose the website , witch was somewhat good news .

And at the end the future of a great anti copyright website is going to be made in 4 weeks. i can only hope that it doesn't get screwd.

Oh , you can get the interview from here:

2.One of my friends replied to my fear that thepiratebay is going to be another paying site (like the Napser) let it be closed , it is killing all the industries (specially pc gaming) , it will be great , i have to say i am a PC gamer myself and i don't like whats happening to it , but i'm not gonna pay for something that isn't going to satisfy me , there is no insurance in buying games , movies , tv series etc , specially for a non european or american like myself , so i download them illegally if i like it , i buy it , and it's not just me , over half of the piratebay members use the same strategy.