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game cheats part 1

welcome to some game cheats and secrets for Superman Returns The VideoGame (PS2) first heres a handy cheat for when you just want to be able to fly around metropolise as superman destroying it with out actually destroying it Cheat: O right O right up left right O Effect: unlimited city health. and now for some cool secrets did you know that you can be bizarro without the cheat to do this accept mr. whats his names challenge and find bizzaro statues that are scattered across metropolis they will have a purple black hole near them go in it and welcome to bizzaros mini game one statue is located on one of the small islands btw.

game glitches part 3

well now back to more game glitches todays game is Lego Star Wars The original saga (PS2) theres only one really big and cool glitch in this level on the last chapters first level the one with jaba in it when you make it to the area with the big pit jump on a spider bot and drive into it and if you get the angle right when the spider droid respawns before you it will fall in again then when you respawn you come out as the spider droid so now you're playing as a spider droid and if that wasn't cool enough if you toggle to a diffrent character the spider droid that you are playing as will change into that character then press the button that you would use to get off the spider droid and tada you're chracter will jump out of the used to be spider droid and the spider droid will then be that character although you cant ride them unless when you make you're character jump out of the other charcter try to fall into the pit without touching the floor and then you will spawn sitting ontop of the charcter and be able to use its attack its a cool glitch but warning once you touch the ground when trying to get off you cant get back on so you'll have to get a diffrent spider droid and another warning once you decide to toggle characters you can't toggle back to the spider droid so be careful and have fun oh and one more thing i don't know if this is a strict PS2 glitch i dont think it is but you can try oh and this glitch will not work on the complete saga

game glitches part 2

well time for some more game glitches what game should i do today hmmm ahh i know indiana jones and the staff of kings (WII) allright this game is the glitchiest game ive ever played one really wierd glitch happend to me on the tutorial when you have to counter attack i failed and he hit me and then his spine started twisting like it was being sucked into a black hole that appeared in his stomach it was truly a wierd glitch but i have had more glitches than that on this game one was during multiplayer on the level that you have to shoot the tank when it launched its missle it hit P1 (Freind) and it knocked him back so far like a rag doll the camera followed him and he smashed through a whole bunch of boxes i dont really know if you would count this as a glitch or a lucky shot but what ever you call it it was awsome!

game glitches

ahh game glitches we've all experienced them both the good and the bad but lets talk about the good ones. one glitch that i found was in the game Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows (WII) this glitch is easy to perform simply find a shield vehicle and start beating it up and almost 99% of the time you won't be able to destroy it then with the black suit you can simply send it flying in the air and killing tons of symbiotes . another interesting glitch in this game is that if you use the black suit and grab a mailbox (or any other object that you can grab) and toss it at an ally and kill him then you get experience points for it weird huh?