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Silent Hill Downpour review (plus, a comparission on the westers SH games)

Here is my review for the latest console game in the Silent Hill series. Such a dificult time with reviewing this one, and I may have come across as a bit too negative in the review, but honestly, I still don't know quite sure how to feel about this one.

For comparisson sake, I had myself thinking: which game would I rather revisit: Downpour or Homecoming? Well, both where games I enjoyed to an extent, but both also annoyed me in more ways than necessary. Homecoming is still the least scary game in the series, and has a protagonist that is way too well suited for combat, making is a bit too easy. Downpour has the worst combat in the series, it's just so clunky and annoying to be mobbed by enemies. But both games also had some very positive aspects. Homecoming's story is really fantastic, and Downpour has the best puzzles in the series in a while.

I guess, in the end, I was more so disapointed with Downpour. I play Silent Hill games for the story more than anything, and the story of that game just didn't really hook me that much. Everyone being a jackas$ to Murphy and not telling him anything was just a pain to sit through, and it just takes so long for the reveals and something to happen. Sure, there were many aspects of it that I enjoyed, but as a whole, it felt lackluster with what came before. Homecoming I knew a bit more with what to expect in the gameplay departament, and the story satisfied me. Funny thing is, I was really digging the game on the begining, but it just stared going worse and, by the end, I just wanted it to end. I guess I'd rather play the first half (or even 2/3) of Downpour, but by the end, I just wanted the game to end.

On objective terms, Downpour is possibly my least favourite Silent Hill game (keep in mind I have to yet played Book of Memories). Well, that is not true: I despise the HD collection more than anything, but for an original game, it's probably Downpour. Origins is still the worst in terms of story, but the gameplay is more confortable to me there, and there is simply no comparing with Shattered Memories, which had the best story since 3, despite lacking in the gameplay departament.

After this, how would I rank the series? I guess it would be: 3, 2, Shattered Memories, 1, 4, Origins, Homecoming, Downpour. Again, Homecoming and Downpour are essetially interchangable, since I like the story better in the first, but the gameplay better in the second. Alas, only time will tell if I will go back to this game, but for now, I was disapointed and tired by the end of Downpour, and those are the feeling that have stuck to me for now