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As i'm brazilian, our classes start at february and i'm heading to high school, so i will have less time to post blogs and make review, and will also have my playtime reduced to concentrate in studies, so just to warn everyone. My next post will probably have to do with Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, and as i'm finishing the game it will come soon, but i don't know when i will make another.

The Ace Attorney Series

Right now, i would say the Ace Attorney series is my favourite. Though when i made this acount, i was in a Bomberman fandom (hence the name of my acount), Ace Attorney is my favourite series right now. In the games, you play as a lawyer who has to defend his clients on court against a prosecutor. On the other half of the game, you investigate the crime scene as a point and click game. The games are: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (AA), Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (JfA), Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (TT) and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (AJ). In this post, i will chose my personal favourite on various categories.

Thought they are pretty much the same on all game, i will give it to Apollo Justice, because the animations are more detailed and it has some more polish. AJ

This will be a tough one, because all the games have stellar soundtrack, but my personal favourite are from the first one and Apollo Justice. AA/AJ

This will be another tough one, because each game some awesome and just good cases, so i will name my favourites from all and pick the one that has more: AA: 3th and 5th; JfA:2nd; TT: 1st, 4th and 5th and AJ: 3rd and 4th. So the point goes to Trials and Trials and Tribulations, not just beacuse it has more than the others, but the overall cases i picked as my favourites, the ones on this one are the ones it like the most, mainly the last case. TT

The games just keeps presenting more and more good characters, so i will have to give to all, because the first one introduced PhoenixWright, Maya and Mia Fey, Miles Edgeworth and Detective Gumshoe, the second one introducedPearl Fey, MorganFeyand Franziska von Karma, Trials and Tribulations introduced Godot, Iris and Dahlia Hawthorneand made Franziska a more likeable character andApollo Justice introduced the title character, Trucy, Kristoph and Klavier and expanded the roll of Ema Skye. ALL

What i mean is that all the games have a story to tiw the cases togheter, sometimes more explicit, and sometimes more discret. This one i will give to Trials and Tribulations, because it showed more of the story of Mia Fey and the vilains and supporting characters to the cases are the most memorable, such as Sister Bikini. TT

My favourite game on the frachise is, without a doubt, Trials and Tribulations. The characters and the cases have such depth that is unbeliveable. Though this one and Apollo Justice recived the same amout of point, the onesthat the first mentioned game haveare better, though without a doubt, Apollo Justice comes in second to my list.

TT: 3

Galaxy X Sunshine

If you read my Super Mario Galaxy review, you know i'm not a big fan of that game, compared to Super Mario Sunshine. As a review cannot be very large, i want to do this post to fully explain why i think Sunshine is better than Galaxy. Just to clarify, this is my personal opinion, if you disagree, i'll be glad to see what are your opinions on the games and exange e-mails with you.


Both games have some of the best graphics on the system, but i'll give it a tie, because there are several game with better graphics than Sunshine on the GC, but not as artistic, and Galaxy too, but while there aren't many game as good technically, i think some are better artisticaly. TIE


While the musics on Sunshine are kinda repetitive, i like their feel better than Galaxy, which i think are too generic at times, though there are some truly good tunes there. S


Sunshine introducted Bowser Jr. Galaxy introducted Rosalina. While i like Rosalina better, it seem like she isn't going to apear in annother game, such as Mario Party and even on the sequel. So i'll give this one barely to Sunshne. S


As much as i think Sunshine levels are more creative, this is personal, but seeing from a critical view point, i think Galaxy has the better level design. G


This one i'll give to Sunshine for many reasons. One, i think only the Boo Suit and the Rainbow Star where good aditions, the other, mainly the Bee Suit and Spring Suit are ridiculous and meere gimicks. Second, the spin attack is horrible, due to short range and is just plain gay (no disrespect). Thrid, i really loved FLUUD, and his add-one where awesome. S


This i think Galaxy is better, as they are more imaginative, not to say that Sunshine's were bad, but they are a little unimaginative at times. G


While Mario games do not have a complex storyline, at least Sunshine tried, but Galaxy didn't even, and Rosalina's backstory is too depresing to hear, and you may even forget it exist, because its completely optional to hear. S


So, this is why i think Sunshine is better, not to say that Galaxy doesn't have its reediming qualities, but i think the former is better. If you have a different option, just e-mail me and we can chat.

Graphics: TIE

Sound: S

New Character: S

Level design: G

Power-ups: S

Bosses: G

Plot: S



Hello everyone, just an introduction to the blog i plan to do.

My name is bomberfan14, i'm brazilian, 14 years and i love video games (*sigh, how stupid it sounded). Currently, the games im playing the most are Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and MegaMan X6, but as im finishing them, you may expect to see a review of these game.