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Hey everyone! The Boman12L is proud to announce that one of my User Videos is on the Gamespot Classic user videos page 2! With 32,000 views Austin vs. Triple H is sitting on Page 2 of the classics. I hold this as an honor seeing how page one is a bunch of G-Spot vids and I don't think Austin vs. Triple H was one of my best Videos (**Fight with Metal Gear**). But it does matter Lets keep that video on Page 2! Tell your friends Family! Watch my video  

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for whatever reason you are looking at my profile have some fun with it Check out my List games most wanted and updates, You mite learn something about my taste. The Unions I have joined for whatever reason, and the people I am tracking.I do have Live but do not play as Mush As I would like too. So have Fun and do not Hurt yourself