UMVC3, a reunion & circle pit! OH MY!

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Hello everybody!

I've been busy as usual now. So I haven't had a lot of time to actually game. But I am working on helping some friends stream their UMVC3 matches for a local friendly tournament. If we can get a place locked down I'll post the stream up here or on my site so you all can watch the craziness that happens. We are shooting for it to go down on June 16th. Keep your fingers crossed!

But seriously I haven't been playing anything at all. Which feels depressing but also relieving. Not having to feel pressured or the "itch" to keep up just gives me time to breathe. I will not have a whole lot longer to breathe because I have a family reunion coming up. It'll be good to see everyone on my Dad's side. Should be fun!

As far as me getting out and doing stuff I've been to a Less Than Jake concert. It was a lot of fun. I ran into some friends kinda by accident. Nothing like a circle pit in front of you and then from that pit your friend jumps out right next to ya. Also I went to the Ghost Recon midnight launch at GS even though I had no desire to play the game after I bought it.

So all is good. Hope all is well to everyone who reads this.

- Cameron

PS: If you comment I promise I'll get back to you...even if it may take me a little bit.

PSS:Also tons of more news in my life I gotta post later. So more blogs are coming!

Well it seems we meet again.

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Since the big announcement which felt like just a few min ago I've kinda felt ...wait I'm not on Giant Bomb. I'm back on Game Spot. Well it seems we meet again old friend(s). I'm sorry I never posted those old videos. They are long gone by now. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Let us go back too what's happening now in my life. That's what you're here for right? Well let us get this train a rolling. I've become fascinated with Lacrosse. It's better known as LAX. Also it's faster for me to type up. But I become interested when two Pro teams came to Charlotte. First up is the Indoor Lacrosse team the Charlotte Copperheads and then you the MLL team the Charlotte Hounds which play outside.

But I have season tickets too the Charlotte Copperheads. First game is Saturday. Saturday is also Saint Patricks Day which is also my sisters b-day. She said I can go...don't you judge me (lol). But I'll post a blog and some pictures of the game after the game happens. I'll be on here more it seems. This time im not just blowing smoke.

Anyway as far as playing games I've been just jumping to one thing to the next. Nothing really sticks with me like it used too. Just kinda waiting for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to come out for the Xbox 360. So yeah....

So what is everyone up too now-a-days?

It's been awhile...

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What's up?

Long time no blog...I know.

Everything is fine over here. This Easter most of family celebrated easter by shooting each other with airsoft guns and playing foosball. Good times. This Thursday I go see New Found Glory with my cousin Ianand then my cousins and I will be at the Carolina Speed game (Arena Football-AIFA) on the 18th. Then on the 19th my Dad and I will be at the Checkers Semifinalgame (AA hockey). If you have any Q's just ask them in the comment section. I'll get to you all as soon as I can.



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Good Night Tampa Bay!

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Carolina Hurricanes came back from trailing behind Tampa Bay Lightning by three. They won in over time by a smooth goal from Eric Staal. That just made my night. I'm off to bed now. Next blog will be in video form. It'll probably be after my B-Day. So expect some cool stuff.

PS: Check out my DJing at You just might like what you hear.

EA and Epic want you to stop buying used.

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In a time where America's economy is down the toilet I am in no way surprised about EA and Epic Games move. If you haven't heard about it yet it's basically EA and Epic throwing an extra bone to people who buy their games new. For instance if you buy Gears of War 2 you'll get a one-time use code to get five OLD maps. EA has already shown their middle finger to used game stores by making Burnout: Paradise for download on PSN. EA has also done the one-time use code for Rock Band 2 and with that you'll get 20 new tracks for free. But it doesn't seem to stop there. EA has just put another one-time use code for NBA LIVE 09. With the code you'll be getting Dynamic DNA and NBA Live Rewind. These two additions have been talked about heavily for this year's game. But FYI if you buy it used the only way you can buy this content is through PSN and XBL for $20.00 bucks. Kind of makes buying that $5.00 cheaper used copy of NBA Live look horrid doesn't it... I've looked all around and have found different comments on this subject. These comments at Destructoid's and G4's websites. GuitarAtomik said on Destructoid "Honestly, I think it's awesome. Gamestop is ripping people off 95% of the time with the used games market and it's insane that they've gone so long pushing a product that gives the original developers nothing. It's about time the games industry started pushing back." Then a couple of posts down I found this quote from Superezekiel saying "Before anybody else posts. It's either DRM, or this. So get the **** over it. That's if you have a problem with it, if you don't, well then b***jobs for all!" G4's comment section had a different view on this. RedRingOfDeath posted "This won't stop used games sales. Who wants 5 old maps for Gears 2 anyway. Gears 2 is alrady a rehash of the last one with nothing new and giving 5 of the old maps just proves it." Then Tmidiman said "If they want me to buy more new games they should lower the prices. Money is not a problem for me, but $120 for just two games is crazy. Some games may be worth $60, but MANY MANY more are not worth it." With all this being said it makes me feel like I'm hearing static. So much complaining from both sides of the coin. I'm kind of gray on this matter. I do feel like bringing the price back down to $50.00 bucks would be helpful. But I also see the man & woman power behind these games that are made.Then when I do buy new I feel like I have paid to help them keep their jobs. I also feel like this plan is stealing game play, which should already be in the game. I honestly feel like this is a "You're stealing from me so I'm going to steal from you." vibe. So what's your opinion on this subject?



Goodbye Toonami! You will be missed. (1997-2008)

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I just got word that Toonami just got canned. Which is a shame even though the program turned into a shell of its former self later on down the road. Toonami got me into anime which is weird to think about. Without Toonami I wouldn't have found out about the Gundam series or Cowboy Bebop. I remember just recording every weeks show on a VHS tape back in 1998. Then watching it over and over. It was something new for its time. I'll put it in a terms for the new generations will understand. It was basically the Adult Swim of anime. It brought to light many things. Even though the series of anime shows were edited to hell it was still fun to watch. I have a lot of good memories with it. So it's sad to see it go. You will be missed Toonami! 1997-2008 R.I.P.

The begining...

The goodbye...



PS: Sorry for not blogging here in awhile.

Last blog+SlamBall standings+Ska in my Rock Band 2!

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I totally forgot to put the SlamBall standings in my last blog. So sorry for cutting the last blog short. After reading it I noticed I need to turn down my volume of curse words. I'll put that on my to do list. After posting the blog I kept on thinking about how I probably should have put more thought into it instead of ranting off the top of my head and then pressing enter. I have made some new rules for myself. #1. No more rants. #2. Don't curse as much. It drowns the point I'm trying to make. #3. STOP RANTING! So now that I'm now done with that lets move on.

SlamBall Standings

Team Position: Team (Win-Loses)

1: Rumble (5-1)
2: Slashers (4-2)
3: Maulers (3-3)
4: Mob (3-3)
5: Bouncers (2-4)
6. Hombres (1-5)

You can watch all the highlights of all the games at .
On September 28, 2008 the Mob will go up against the Hombres. You can watch it on the Versus channel at 3-4 PM.

Please keep watching and supporting SlamBall! Lets keep this sport alive.

I seem to be getting really pumped for Rock Band 2. After reading the review here on Giant Bomb I'm so ready to rock (Wow that last part sounds kinda lame...). Not to mention the fact that Rock Band 2 has Ska in it! Excuse me while I skank while playing guitar in Rock Band 2. On Game Trailers they posted part of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones song "Where'd You Go". That pretty much sealed the deal. Anyone up for playing when I get it?