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So gamespot posted its review of Pokemon x and y and it got a solid 8 out of 10. I read the entire review and it made me even more excited for the game. The criticisms were typical things that I can either get over or do not bother me at all. The game was especially praised for its graphics, something that really gets me pumped since it is the first pokemon game in 3d. I also found out from the review that you can tweak your creatures stats early on. This is a shocker, as its something that adds even more depth to the game. The game comes out in a week, so not much waiting left! What do you guys think of gamespots review and are you excited for this next entry in pokemon?

This is xerneas, the legendary pokemon of x, the copy I happened to reserve because I usually go for the dragon like legends but not this time!


KH 358/2 the movie REVIEW

Hey guys, Im back to review the 358/2 portion of KH 1.5. I wanted to do a seperate review because it was something that wasn't done before by KH, making a game into soley cut scenes. So here are my thoughts on it and my general review of it. 


SCORE: 7.0


KH 358/2 days is my second favorite title in the series simply because of the story. Roxas time with the organization and the connection between him, axel and xion is a story that is both captivating and heartfelt. The scenes are well done, with the HD looking spectacular. The voice acting is well done also, with my personal cudos going to axels quinton flynn. The story being rendered in voiced scenes can also help new comers understand the story better. On the other hand, the whole time I was watching each scene, I was thinking about how much I wanted to play through the battles and waves of heartless. It just didn't feel quite the same without the gameplay aspect. One thing that bothered me a lot were the lack of battle scenes. I wanted to at least get a taste of roxas vs xion in the end with an epic cutscene battle. I was also somewhat put off by the lessons taught to roxas by the organization not being voiced. Overall I enjoyed seeing the story in a new light, but at the same time it just felt like something was missing. The overall emotion of the story was heightened, but the gameplay is what would have tied it all together. Here is the bottom line.



1. Great HD look to each scene 

2. Well done voice acting 

3. Heightens the emotion of the story

4. Better understanding of the story for new comers. 



1. Feels incomplete without the gameplay

2. No battle scenes for the most part

3. Other organization members don't get voiced scenes 

4. You can tell which scenes came from the DS due to lower quality 



KH 1.5 xemnas defeated!!!

Hey guys just a quick update on my 1.5 play through. I am happy to say that I just got the "he who does not exist" trophy for finally defeaging unknown, but we all know him as xemnas now! He was a doozy and this was just normal mode. I was a whopping level 82 for this fight and since I picked the rod I did not have second chance yet! How did I beat him you ask lol? Well even without second chance the rod gives you plenty of magic supporting abilities like mp haset and rage. I had lionheart, which is the minimum keyblade you should have for this battle. Also have anything that can boost defense and strength on as well as mp boosters. Have donald and goofy be supporters for the most part, don't have them using up mp EXCEPT for goofys MP gift which is vital. The most important part of this battle is the tinker bell summon. She can heal you constantly and revive you one time so summon her early on in the battle. Near the end of the battle just keep casting curaga and aerora and you should be good. Also have sonic blade equipped because it can do some heavy damage early on and later in the battle. Guarding attempts are pretty pointless so don't even equip it. As for his dreaded shock hold attack, you just have to be quick, don't wait for release to pop up. I hope this helps anyone who manages to see it! I will be back with my review of 358 the movie...ENJOY


KH 1.5 review!

Hey guys, I just finished my review for KH 1.5 HD remix. Go take a look and like if you feel the need :). On a side note I did not review re:chain because it is basically the same game all over again with no huge changes. I will be doing a separate review of the 358/2 days cinematic which I will post on the blog portion of my page. Hope all KH fans are enjoying final mix!

Here is the link to my review:

BACK, diablo 3 review and more!

Hey guys, I'm back for a bit mainly because 1.5 comes out tomorrow!!! I also decided to review Diablo 3 so check out what I had to say about it. I'll be back soon for a review of KH 1.5. I plan on doing a seperate review for the 358/2 movie section of the game!



My Status on Gamespot

Hey guys, reason I havent been on lately is because I am starting a new job! I have been very busy so I just don't have time to go on gamespot a lot. I will be coming back on now and then for KH related stuff, like when I start playing 1.5. Hope you guys manage to see everything I post when i am on. 

Its been a LONG TIME: console war

Hey guys, its been a long time since I've been back, almost a year to be exact. I wanted to talk about the current war of the consoles. Playstation 4 beats xbone hands down in my opinion. It is faster and more powerful and costs 100 dollars less, what more is there to love. Though microsoft went back on its DRM format, it still lacks in comparison to the PS4. This is especially because of the required Kinect and the 100 extra dollars it costs. Even if you buy the PS4 camera, all together it would still be 40 bucks cheaper then xbone. PS4 only has a few good exclusives, but the few they do have are awesome like Infamous: Second Son and the new Killzone. Overall PS4 trumps xbone in every possible way in my opinion. 


Oh and before I get to mention, there is one game that both systems will have the honor of playing.......FINALLY 


Gone For A Bit

With KH3D coming out tomorrow and me being at my beach house, I will either be on the beach or playing KH3D so I will not be posting for a few days. Next time I'll be back with my review of KH3D once I have beaten it. Until then, enjoy gaming to its fullest my friends!