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this is a test... to see if i can find these on a google search. yes i did these myself, steal them and die!
I really should start to sign ALL my work....





happy... level 16?

haven't written one of these in awhile, i wish i had more time for gamespot but real life things keep me busy :/ and does anyone else get that flashing ads stuff? it's so annoying! flashing random on the screen where they're not supposed to be, gosh... well, at least it's almost summer.....

who needs a title! >: D

Happy Birthday self! yay i turned 16 on Thursday! [22nd] and i also want to say that, i know majora's mask way too well, i realized this while at the shooting gallery in clock town, and i knew where all the octorocks[eh.. spelling]  popped up, after i hadn't played the game in years, wow. i love the n64 zelda games, so awesome, maybe i'm obsessed, but i recently foudn a tranlated version of the manga, and read the Oot and MM mangas, dang those were good, and link spoke as well! a lot actually lol.
well signing off for now

Zelda TP

ok..ok... so the game's not all bad. i just wish it was longer and HARDER, it was so easy! while boss battles were epic, they were eeaasssyy as FECK and


with ganondorf at the end, being the one who actually controlled zant or however it went. that was an eyeroller... at least midna was cool


i just think they could have had a more original plot to it, i mean, i know it's zelda, but look at majora's mask! not even a whiff of a triforce or ganondorf and hardly anything of zelda. but i still like the game, just think it could've been better

Exams... D:

I hate EXAMS. i should be studying now but my brain is worn out from my french exam, DAMN IT ALL!

Yay Christmas!

i finally got zelda tp! but it's a little disappointing at parts, don't run zelda to the ground nintendo, DON'T!!! don't let zelda go down like spyro did! YOU CAN BRING 'ER BACK TO LIFE NINTENDO, YOU CAAANN!!!!!!!

Banjo.. threeie?

for Xbox 360?!?!?!? noooo i dont want one but i love banjo kazooie!! they just, look different, like with banjo's square snout there, odd, but i want to see how good it turns out to be

zelda... okami.. I WANT THEM

okami is out but i need to save my money, i want it...
zelda, well for the wii i would not like to be flailing around everytime i wanna kill somefin, i'll get it for gc... and now TINGLE gets his own game, wow