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Go with it

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Screenshot

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Screenshot

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Screenshot

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Screenshot

I'm tired of looking at that dog.

I refuse to change this until we get some new information.

Oh yes I did.

-Bob Cheeseball

Guess what? I'm Muslim

No, I didn't just convert nor do I have a heartbreaking story about me being oppressed because of my religious views. I actually just needed an excuse to post this gif in reality. That is all. Bye.

-Bob Cheeseball

Its on like Donkey Kong

How often do they announce a reboot to the first game you ever played? Not terribly often so that'd be why I can friggin wait for this damned game :x! IMO Donkey Kong Country was superior to Super Mario World. Come at me bro 8) Screenshots below summarize my love for Donkey Kong Country.

Image 51

A tie wearing gorilla riding a freakin cart in a freakin lava mine

Image 44

A giant octopus destroying a ship. 'Nuff said.

Image 40


Yeah just 32 days away and I can't wait. Show some more damn info Retro Studios.


Moved and Final Fantasy IV First Impressions

First things first, I moved from Indiana to Illinois about 2 and a half weeks ago into an apartment. It's alright much but I haven't really done much expect visit my uncle. In my last blog I talked about the games I had just started and well unfortunately it didn't turn out to well. I never played Ninja Gaiden 2 or A Link to the Past after that blog. For one thing I moved and it took a while to find my 360/Super Nintendo and also I didn't want to hook up the SNES again because there wasn't to much incentive to play again. However I did finish Donkey Kong Country 2 before we moved and I did enjoy that a lot. I'll probably get back to A Link to the Past eventually but whatever...

So lately even though I'm not an RPG fan I've really wanted to get into one that wasn't Pokemon. I tried out Dragon Quest Chapters of the Chosen but I quit shortly because there was on nagging thing...I HATE how the combat is in first person it really bugs me. I tried Final Fantasy IV instead I'm like an hour and a half into it and I'm really enjoying it. Great visuals, nice cutscenes, and a traditional turn based battle system. Who knows...maybe I'll actually finish this game :P

So yeah just a quick update. Peace.

-Bob Cheeseball

Finally playing A Link To the Past

After hearing nothing but good things about A Link to the Past I have decided to give it another go. I tried playing it once before but for some reason after beating this evil wizard (whose name started with an A) I was transferred to the Dark World as a helpless bunny rabbit. I got stuck from there and somehow my file got corrupted/deleted. However, I have decided to give it another go and it is pretty fun so far, I just got through the Eastern Palace.

While I'm at it I'm also playing a whole lot of Team Fortress 2 (For ALL of you with good PC's this game is a must for $13) and I've also been making my way through Ninja Gaiden 2 which I highly doubt I'll beat due to the difficulty of the series. Oh and last but not least I'm also playing Diddy Kong Quest ironically another game I played and my file ended up getting deleted. Once again I doubt I'll make it the whole way because of difficulty but here goes. 8)