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hello world , do you remember bots?

This is a point really only about COD:BO (hmmm bad acronym) and how I don't get why bots aren't offline , just to clarify I don't have an Internet enabled console (I have a dongle for PC that does enough) and so while I'm arguing with myself(I do it a lot when buying stuff even if I know I have aot of money free and I'm deciding on a 2 pound buy)on if I should buy or not I list the good and bad points (to me not hat are actual points as I have a habit of liking more games that get around 6-7 average on reviews than 9-10) it might sound like I'm crazy but I have 5-6 voices arguing in my head about these points .

Anyway I believe in games that have multiplayer (competitive) should have some form of boot system offline , it used to be the norm for all games to have boot matches as well there were no online gaming (until Tony hawks 3 came along I think) for consoles but now bots are cast aside in many games , this is because most games now rely on online I recently picked up mw2 ,uncharted 2 and just cause 2 .

Well I like all 3 for there offline parts even if mw and mw2 are both on the short side of 5 hours and mw2 has spec ops which is just parts of main campaign cut out with some added bits in its fun , now this is where COD:BO comes in they said that bots would be offline, well they are if you can get online (sort of defeats the purpose) to patch well I cant so I'm stuck with trotting around the maps alone uncharted is just as bad but worse in one aspect ill talk about later or tomorrow.

Back to bots two of the best games for bots in my opinion are ut3(or any ut game for that matter) and 007:nightfire because there fun to play against .

My main point is that if you have online multiplayer you should have offline bots to get used to the movement and ways of the maps and try out the weapons (the latter being the main reason for many) yes by all means have online I think that's great I don't have a problem with not being able to play it , but having good offline bots would be a great service to those who have bought the game whether or not they are online or not.

Oh and the result of the argument with myself on the point of getting COD:BO my tightfisted side won I didn't buy it