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A Blog To Answer Your Life Questions

Well maybe, or maybe not. Thats up to you.

So Ive been meaning to make a blog for quite awhile. It may not be as in depth as I wouldve hoped, but I just dont get the inspiration to do it all :P So here you go

Video games, Ive been playing lots. Gears of War 3 as per usual, sometimes 8 hours in a day (weekends, no time during the week) Fallout 3, I played this game probably back in 2009..? I rented it, and was playing it until 5 AM every night, I was going to buy it, but didnt have the money so I put it off. bought the GOTY from my cousin the other week for $10, not bad at all. Its a lot of fun, coming across places that I hadnt seen before. It's certainly a better game than Oblivion was.
Also, Skyrim... now I havent played it for awhile, but I will play it more, its wicked good. Great game to sink your teeth into.
Also been playing a bunch of Sonic, mainly Generations, but CD and 4 are really good too. Basically what Ive been up to.

I did make a top 10 video game list, and this is where I was going to go into depth, get a bunch of cool pictures and have huge write ups. Wll whatever, if you really care why I like the games, you can ask xD Most of them are actually just an entire series of games, but you can deal with it.

10. Sonic The Hedgehog Series
9. Mafia Series
8. Saints Row series
7. Splinter Cell series
6. Metal Gear Solid 4
5. Gears of War Series
4. Worlds Not Enough
3. Elder Scrolls Series
2. Donkey Kong Country Series
1. LA Noire

yaya lol.

Movies... have I been watching any? not really... Wathed American Graffiti again, and I love it, really cool movie. Watched Elizabeth, which I will need to see again. still pretty good, but Im not sure what hapened through it (Ive seen it twice). Id like to see a few movies, Taxi Driver, After Hours, Mean Streets (bunch of Scorsese ones). Wouldnt mind seeing "Stranger than Paradise" at some point. Jarmusch knows his stuff. Speaking of which, I have a brand new top 40 movies. Im sure theres more to add. Just watched the Lion King again too which is just plain amazing.

1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
2. I'm Not There
3. Gladiator
4. Hanna
5. The Fountain
6. Black Swan
7. Coffee and Cigarettes
8. The Aviator
9. The Sound of Music
10. Quiz Show
11. Casablanca
12. Little Fish
13. In Bruges
14. The Wrestler
15. Revolutionary Road
16. Mulholland Dr.
17. Apocalypse Now
18. The Artist
19. The Science of Sleep
20. American Graffiti
21: Sweet Smell of Success
22. The Town
23. Robin Hood (1973)
24. Bobby
25. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
26. For a Few Dollars More
27. The Muppets
28. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
29. Super 8
30. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
31. Operation Dumbo Drop
32. Marry Poppins
33. GoodFellas
34. American Gangster
35. Finding Neverland
36. Shutter Island
37. Inception
38. Rango
39. Wall-E
40. The Great Dictator

Thats basically it for now. Though before I go, I thought Id spam ya. So Im a part of a new forum about video games now. That was started by a few of my friends here. If you want to join, you're certainly welcome. You're also welcome to swear as much as Arty, Pumbli and I do over there.


also if you dont want to join, we dont want you over there anyway xD

You can join HERE

News on the Gaming Front

Well, been playing some games recently, and a blog has been in order for awhile. :P

So first off, I beat LA Noire awhile back, and quite enjoyed it. Hear a lot of people complaining about the ending, but I felt it was well done. The best parts of the game were the Vice cases imo. It had such a different feel, and felt fresh. The missions had a lot more ambience going on, super cool. Though I did enjoy the whole game. I have started playing it through again to get 5 stars on each mission, and I must say, it takes another play through to see the effort put into this thing. I mean, the levels feel new again. You can really see the alternate route put in there, because in one play through, it feels like that is the only way for it to work. Thats what I thought at least. I wouldnt have guessed that there is a whole undercurrent of things to come across that is not alotted for in one play through (even if you get a perfect rating). So I liked it, I would like to see more games like it. Its definitley got flaws, but it can make way for some new stuff for sure.

I bought Mafia II not long ago. Was planning on it for quite some time. Beat it already on hard. I quite liked it. I actually felt for the charcters at the end of it, and wanted more. I did a quick run through, just playing the missions basically, no fooling around for the most part. I plan on beating it again on a lower difficulty, but I also plan on just messing around. One thing that would make the game infinitley better is the inclusion of a free ride mode. I can basically do that, by loading up a mission and deciding not to play it. Which works fine. but a 'save anytime' feature would be good, so I can buy stuff, and not need to do it again next time I play. But all in all, its not too big a deal I guess, but they really shouldve put it in there. Now its cool though, this game and LA Noire are almost counterparts to each other. Both take place around the same time. One has you playing the cops, the other your in the mob. Kinda cool. In this game though, I thought it was absolutley amazing, once I got out of jail, I hopped in a car, put the radio on, and "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" was playing. I mean, I was looking this song up a couple days before, due to it playing on my bus to work. I mustve hard it in American Graffiti before that.

Anyway another great part about this game is the artwork. By completing the game, you unlock paintings and posters that are just downright awesome. They are linked to the story for the most part. I just really dug them, at the moment I have one as my avatar, and another for my sig. One of the bars in the game is called the Maltese Falcon, and in it, there are posters of Humphrey Bogart movies :o I really like what they did here. They have "Casablanca" "The Maltese Falcon" and "The African Queen" but instead of using the actual posters, they made their own. With their own "actors" in there, taking the place of the main characters in these movies. and they are new posters as far a I can tell, they arent based off the real ones (Except one from The African Queen, and possibly some others) But its cool. So yeah, I liked the music a lot and all. The story was quite good too.The game really seems to me, to be an ode to the older games that had a variety of gamplay put in there, and wasnt stream-linned. I mean, there are stealth missions, lots of gun battle missions, driving around. It reminded me a lot of the first game, which I really liked, even it it is almost unplayable (on Xbox). A lot of the missions seemed kind of the same, but I dont mind, because its got new graphics, and new gameplay mechanics. It also reminded me of The Great Escape game, which was actually quite good I thought. It was just super hard. There are a lot of things thrown in there from various movies (I noticed a bit from GoodFellas) but I dont mind, at least its done well, and not a complete rip (I watched Donnie Brasco awhile back which had the 'how am I funny' bit from GoodFellas in there, and it failed miserably... like the rest of the movie :P) anyway, Thats about it, I wish there was a baseball bat though, that was like my favorite part from the first, beating peoples cars up with a bat :P

mafia II

Now, Gears of War 3, is another game. I would be playing it more, is say, the split screen wouldnt wreck your profile. I hope they fix it, theres this glitch you see, that wont let you play split screen. I do like the game very much, but I dont really see the point in playing it without being able to play split screen. the whole reason I would play single player, is to level up, for when I play split screen, if that makes any sense :P Its like, why get good at it if you cant play I guess.. anway its really cool. I was playing some of the second which feels really weird now. Got my Gears banner up and all. Well hope they fix it :P

So thats about it for now I guess :P


Well! At least my title was saved! I just unplugged my computer (I was trying to move it, because it was side-ways for some reason) resulting in it shutting off. I was already down to the movie section. Firefox luckily saved the title of the blog for me lol. Anyway! So, I didnt level up, I'm still at level 37 (88%) which I got to not too long ago. Almost at level 38, I was just going through some old blogs and found they were mostly about me levelling up, and thats about it lol.

So there are lots of games coming out. Gears of War 3 comes out soon, that should be awesome :D. Then Skyrim, I realy hope its good, be like the old days with Morrowind lol :P. I don't know much about it at all, but I hope its good. Batman Arkham City (see banner) I'm actually not overly excited (compared to the others) about this but I do think it'll be cool, so I'll probably pick it up. Not much else I guess.. I know people are looking forward to Battlefield 3, I might check it out, but not really looking into it, I mean its all FPS and stuff lol, still could be cool.

I tried the demo for Warhammer Space Marine 40,000... Hmm.. Well, yeah. I thought itd be cool, it kinda was, but it really just felt like it was trying to be better than Gears of War, and failing. I mean like, its trying to be all over the top and stuff, but it just doesn't work.. Just doesn't feel smooth. In a way it just destroys itself, by trying to be better than a game that's already better than it. You can curb stomp people, theres even a like, body slam animation before that! Just feels like they wanted it to be really 'cool' but it isn't lol

So movies, the main point of this blog (I guess I didn't have too much to write since my computer unplugged, but still:P)

To Have and Have Not

Well, this movie was ok. I have wanted to see it for awhile, its Bogart and Bacall.. But it wasn't too great, actually. I don't know, I wouldn't mind seeing it again, the ending was cool, but that drunk guy kinda annoyed me. It did have some really good bits though, The song in it was "Am I Blue?", among others, but that was great, finally a song in these old movies I like (the songs that just happen in the bar, and the movie stops for a second are normally kind of annoying) Bogart was cool as normal, Bacall was pretty cool too. The whole French resistance idea was cool, it was over all pretty good I guess, but I need to find the perfect Bogart movie, so I will need to watch them all, I don't think this was the one.



This movie is odd, I've seen like half of it before. Watched the whole thing on TV awhile back, its pretty cool. I like the dream sequences, and like the premise that the main guy can't tell if he's dreaming or not. It ended pretty crazy, so I guess I'll need to see it again at some point. I guess the whole movie is like a dream, just keeps changing even when he's awake.. :P

Wow. A good movie? Yes indeed. Like I can't believe it, seeing the commercials I thought "Now that looks like the worst movie ever" but I was surprised, and Im glad. People say "This movie was all about the apes for me!" As if that's a revolution in itself, and the film makers were not trying to make a movie about apes… anyways It was really good, need to see it again, the fact you can tell what the monkey is thinking in there is awesome. makes me want to see the old ones (Ive seen them before Im sure, but cant really remember).


! This movie is awesome, and for some reason hated on a large array. Seeing movies like this (and Sin City, 300 and The Spirit) makes me wonder what people mean by "The Dark Knight is an artistic comic movie". Hulk was awesome, its like a comic book, you watch a comic book going on up there, and the story is good too, one thing I noticed is ( actually noticed right at the end) it's a 'Begins movie' though its so well done it does not feel like a 'begins movie' Good stuff, glad to have seen it again, I had forgot a lot about it.


Been wanting to see this one for some time. I didn't know much about it, other than George Lucas wrote and directed it awhile back, and that it was in the 60s or something. Well I caught it on TV a couple nights ago. I really liked it, I didn't see the very start though. I like that it doesn't go out of its way to explain every last detail to you (Unless I missed a lot in the first 15-30 mins) It was rally cool, its like a movie idea I've been coming up with. You got a James Dean-Rebel Without a Cause-esque character in there, a whole bunch of scenes set to music, and a DJ who is like, some sort of crazy mystery character. The DJ is based off a real DJ - The Wolfman - I heard the song about him, and never knew what it was about, anyways this movie does a better job at making a Wolfman DJ thing going on. Harrison Ford is even in it, only in like a few scenes, but that was cool. Richard Dreyfus is in it, still laughing the same, but I don't know, it was a pretty cool movie. Its not like it's a weird movie, its just it kind of feels weird how its set up.


A weird movie. This one I had no idea what exactly happened, Im sure that's the response from most people who watch it. I've seen it twice now, and figure I got an idea of whats going on. *spoilers* Naomi Watts is a drug addict, and she has slipped into a coma for about 3 weeks, during this coma she lives the life she wanted or wishes she had. This is the first half of the movie, there are moment where she gets super startled, this happens a whole lot, and this is because she realizes that it is not real (or at least something reminds her of her real life), it slowly morphs into how her life really is and she wakes up, sees some hallucinations and suicides. I have seen a few ideas people have had for this movie (mind you I saw these before seeing it a second time, and didn't look too much because I wanted to try and figure some stuff out myself) People have some strange theories, that make some sense, but they don't go into detail as to why they think that. Its always just "it's complicated to explain but basically what happened is _____" well that explains everything. Anyways I figure my idea works, unless I hear another idea with explanation that makes me change my mind. There is a whole other thing going on in this movie that I don't have an explanation for, some sort of conspiracy, so I don't know, its wicked weird, but something's happening.

So I guess that wraps it up. Hows it going?

The 90s...

****ing sucked

Ok so first off, this blog is so long over due, but that just means more stuff to talk about (which means this is a long blog:P). :P So I have the usual topics, Games and movies. The title of this blog is from one of the movies I will be addressing, and also it seemed suitable because I was going to talk a little about the 90s as well. First off though I leveled up to level 37: Heiankyo Alien, so that's kinda cool :P.

So for video games,

red dead

I have finished Red Dead Redemption, I think. The game doesn't seem to have a real ending, so since nothing else has happened, Im assuming its over, even though more could very well happen. One thing I like about it, which Im sure is pure coincidence, is that the stranger tasks by the end of the game (with good reason) are always over for me. For the stranger tasks that I didn't finish during the real game, it was as if time went by, and all these people are now dead etc, like because I forgot about them, something else happened, and they just ended, but Im pretty sure its just because I was pretty much done them anyway. Over all the game was really good, great gameplay mechanics, good characters etc, its not the greatest game Ive played, but its certainly a good buy.

LA Noire

LA Noire
Ive been playing this for the past month, and it has become one of my favorite games, for a few reasons.
First off, its just plain unique. Solving crimes is something I have not seen in a game before, let alone actually playing as the good guy. I realize pretty much every game has you playing as the good guy, but I mean more along the lines of a cop/detective rather than a gangsta (ie Saints Row, GTA).
Secondly, the atmosphere. This is something I would like to see more in games. Heres a game that isn't modern, and it feels great. Driving around, with old radio shows playing, diners, jazz, and cool suits. The main menu alone, sets the atmosphere, and is enough to make me like this game (though of course I wouldn't love the game if that was the only thing). The music is also great, and I love how you can play the game in Black and White. Now atmosphere is something Im glad to see coming up in games. Mafia II (the next game I plan on buying) has fantastic atmosphere, set in the 40s and 50s, it too has good music, and diners etc. I just would like to see more games set in different time frames, Assassins Creed did it, and that game has pretty cool atmosphere too. One thing I wish in this game, is that you could sit whenever you wanted, and wherever. It would be incredible just to sit around in an old restaurant for awhile, listening to the radio, but its not a big deal.
Third, the story. There are a few little stories, but over all they just show how idiotic politics are. Its got some good characters. The main character I think is pretty cool, and some of the side characters are interesting as well. One thing I think is kind of cool, is how its like a movie in the fact that the characters are representations of who plays them.
Fourth, gameplay. This goes in line with the uniqueness, but still. I like being able to look for clues (even if sometimes it seems hard not to find the clues) and I like being able to interrogate people and choose who I want to charge wit a crime, which is especially good. I mean, it would be plain awful if there was no way to send the wrong guy off. I love the parts where you have to follow someone, its just like one of those old movies, or TV Shows. You can sit down with a newspaper and various other things.
Now there are some flaws for sure, and some pretty big ones. The story is structured in a linear manner. For example, in the last case I played, if I go to the wrong house first (there are two) all the characters will act as if you already visited the other (because you were told to go to the other first). The interrogation system is a bit messy. I mean, sometimes I found I didn't know exactly what part of the testimony I was addressing. Sometimes, if you say they are lying, and have some evidence in mind, the character will go off on a tangent about something that you were entirely not thinking of, and therefore your evidence doesn't match the lie that has been brought up, and isn't a lie. So its kind of finicky with stuff like that, and its kind of annoying. However at least you can back out of a lie accusation just incase he does go on some tangent. Another thing that's lame is there is one level that's just one big puzzle, it has gameplay elements that I wouldn't care to see in any game really (I guess maybe like an Indiana Jones type game) its just really dumb, and doesn't belong in a game like this, just blah.
But over all I really like this game, its fresh, and though I would change things up a bit, it is a bit repetitive (though there are different paths for each case) each case is a bit more of the same thing, and what it comes down to is atmosphere and story for each case which sets them apart from each other. I think more games should go this route, I don't really want a sequel, but this game is a bit more of a building block then anything. A fantastic building block at that.


So that was a lot. But its just so good. :P

So the 90s. And by "90s" I mean, probably a bit more early 2000, but maybe not, just that kind of area, mainly being a kid. I get nostalgic really easily, and recently Ive been very nostalgic. I guess part of it is that fact that I'm watching some of those 90s TV shows again (The Odyssey, The X-Files), also probably contributing is that Im just about done school. It's summer as well, also Ive gotten my music on the computer again, and was listing to Neil Diamond, which was a big part of the 90s. "Turn on Your Heartlight". I also heard "Stickerbrush Symphony" again, which I thing is quite possibly the most beautiful song ever made (at least for a video game). Another song I came across really recently, on a tape that I thought I had lost, is "When I Grow Up To Be a Man" by The Beach Boys, I like it, and I think it might be the song I was looking for (when I was looking for this tape), however I thought the song was in a commercial, and I didn't have the whole thing taped, so I don't know. So no I don't think the 90s ****ing sucked, but I thought it was a funny quote :P

Movies, I'll try not to have too many spoilers, but read at your own risk :P


Black Swan
This movie is incredible. When I first saw it, I thought it was cool all the parallels between the movie and Swan Lake (the ballet they do in the movie) but as my brother pointed out, its Aronofsky's Swan Lake, as in, the movie is Swan Lake, and I think that's pretty cool. It's about transcendence, and I like that it actually does transcend. It's not a movie that says "ah transcendence" and then utterly fail.



Breakfast at Tiffany's
Now, I've wanted to see this movie for some time now, and don't really know. It was a weird movie, especially at the start. It got better near the end, and it was good to see George Peppard in something other than The A-Team. Its one of those movies that's always being mentioned (well actually not really, but it would seem that way) so it was on TV and I just missed a couple minutes. It was alright, I'll need to see it again, nothing too great though. I did like the fact that Tiffany's wasn't a restaurant, which I was most certain it was.

super 8

Super 8
This just a really cool movie. I actually had no interest in seeing it, but decided to go to it, and am glad I did. I've heard a lot of people say it's ET, which I guess is partially true. I don't really remember ET too much, but the premise is the same, an alien needs to get home. Though personally the alien isn't what makes this movie good, it's the characters, its about a bunch of kids making a movie, which I thought was pretty cool and I can relate to that.

super 82

The Wrestler
Another Aronofsky film, and all I can say is he's a genius. I have seen "The Fountain" which is another movie by him before hand, and that too is a great movie. Anyways The Wrestler is a terrific movie. It's a false triumph, and I think it's funny on the back of the movie it has a quote from a review that says "A TRIUMPH!" where it really isn't. This is the movie that the title of the blog comes from, the wrestler is talking about how awesome the 80s were, and how awful the 90s were :P



Revolutionary Road
Alright, so originally I was just going to say "I don't know" because I was really confused at the end, its not like I liked the movie, or disliked it, it was just kind of "sure". Anyway at work, I was thinking about it for awhile. I guess what its showing is how, generally everyone wants to have lived in the 50s, be married, have kids, a job and a picture perfect house. Its also pretty obvious that a great deal of people want to be Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (ie Titanic). Now this movie shows this, but how it doesn't always work out, how chasing this stuff can drive you crazy.
They decide to move to Paris, which is contrary to the accepted view on life sated above. For those who have seen the movie, I think that the neighbor lady is the personification of this 'accepted life'. I think this for a few reasons, first off, she is super upset that theyre leaving, as if they are betraying her in some way. Also it would appear everyone around her goes crazy, her son, most recently DiCaprio and Winslet, and then at the very end her husband shuts her out by turning his hearing aid off. DiCaprio and Winslet are tricked because the crazy son is agreeing with them, this is like the conception that "you must be crazy to want to move somewhere else" so they start wondering if they are, and they take a step back, but once they do, they go crazy. At the very end, that neighbor lady meets the new couple, its as if she is the welcoming committee for people who are beginning to peruse the accepted life. None of the other characters seem like they've been pulled out of The Andy Griffith Show, and to have a character like that represent this idea seems rather fitting (seeings as Andy Griffith is about as accepted life as you can get). And we've just seen how that turns out.
The main idea is that one can be a victim to expectations (even their own). So I don't know I still need to see it again, but I was able to think about it a bit, and come to some conclusions at least. A few things I did like absolutely was the music, and also the fact that everyone smoked, and it didn't have any stupid modern twist on it (ie, a character that says "Hey don't you know smoking is bad for you, heh heh") They did smoke when they were stressed, but that makes sense, and its not like that's the only time they smoked.


So that's it pretty well, I realized I havent been working on the second part to my Splinter Cell comic so I'll try to get around to that at some point. Anyone else see any good movies? Play any good games? Hows it been?:P

Gears of War 3 Beta + Movies

So for the past couple days I've been playing the Gears of War 3 Beta. I must say it is incredible, they made the game flow better, put in better moves, and the graphics are better. Everything they changed/added didn't wreck the game (like what happens so often), so if Horde mode and the Campaign are good then itll be a great game. I love the Retro Lancer, so crazy of a weapon, and I hope to unlock everything. On monday I played about 12 hours straight :P

So movies, I have seen quite a few movies recently:

robin hood

Robin Hood(1973)
This is a great movie, I hadn't seen it since I was a kid, but its still good. A really short and well made story with good music. I dont understand the hate this movie got, for reusing characters and stuff, anyway it is incredible, and I never saw the very begining before, so that was awesome.


This was great, a western, animated movie. Hit all the right spots, the only thing I really wish is that they actually had Clint Eastwood in it. What I liked was all the references to movies though, I'm sure theres more than what I noticed: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and The Good the Bad and the Ugly/Man With No Name Trilogy. Before this movie Wall-E was my favourite CGI animated film, and it still might be, I will need to watch both again, either way both are great movies.


Powerful film, with a great cast. Everyone was perfect, I got really caught up in it. I'm glad they didn't put a twist in there, because they could have easily taken part of the story, and decided to reveal it later on, and it woud have made an impact, but how they did it impacted you anyway. I want to watch the movie this is based on, see which ones better. But all in all a good movie I need to watch again.


Another well made movie, I haven't seen many Al Pacino movies, but I did think this was his best performance of what I did see. Also Robin Williams was really good in it too, and I would not have expected he could be taken so seriously. Another movie I need to see again


I thought this might be one of those movies that just comes out with kind of a cool idea, but is forgetable. Anyway, I was surprised, it's a difficult movie to explain I figure, so I'll say that it's like this radio station I listen to, it has programs "The Signal" and "Night Stream: Everywhere Music Takes You" The music played on this station is stuff that I never hear ever, and is so different, keeps changing it up. This movie is like this, both in the music, but also how the movie plays out, I'd say it's like watching this station, how it fees at least. It all flows. I don't believe I've ever seen a movie quite like it, and absolutley everyone in it was excellent. Another movie I will need to see again.

That about wraps it up, I've seen some other movies, but those were the best ones.

So I'll be playing more Gears mainly. Whats everyone been up to?

Splinter Cell Comic

So around 2006-2007 I made some comics in anticipation of Splinter Cell Double Agent, so I made another in anticipation of the next SC. My brother gave me the general idea, so hope you like it, and if not, whateva :P
























So there ya go. I'll be working on the second part soon I figure, hope you liked it :)

Mean Streets

Thought it might be a cool title for the blog. I'll explain a bit later down. First off, you probably notice my new banner. It is GI Joe, I have been watching a lot of the cartoon and really like it... something about it is just awesome. So from right to left we have: Shipwreck and "The Traitor" (not sure his name... but in the episode he's in he's a traitor), there we see them being all Nam in the bush (lol:P, a thing me and my brother got going because of the Jungle level on Black Ops), next is Scarlett, Flint and Lady Jaye from the episode "The Funhouse". In the center there is my name replacing "GI Joe", and under it "A Real American Hero" because thats the tagline... and it says it on the picture that looks like this.

Aside from that I also have watched some Thundercats (Which is very peculiar...) in which for a live action movie I would cast Samuel L. Jackson as the bald grey guy, and the guy who played Nelix from Star Trek as the little usless cat, Snarf... Also I watch some Transformers which is pretty funny, but weird. I like Inspector Gadget still, so I've been watching that. just lots of cartoons on TV, as well as the live action series I mentioned in a previous blog is what I've been watching.

So the title of the blog is Mean Streets, it's the name of a Martin Scorcesse movie, which wasn't as good as I expected lol. It was ok, but things like too long of dialog that didnt need to be there (which isnt always a bad thing, but it was still not so great here) and no sound FX in the fight scenes was kinda annoying. On the positive side the music was great, Harvey Kietel was cool, and the opening was incredibe. The opening which can be viewed HERE at the top of the page, is why I wanted to see the movie to begin with. I didnt finish watching the move, but at some point maybe I will watch it again, just wish it was better.

Games, I've been playing fighting games again, so DOA4, Tekken 5 and some Soul Caliber 4. Been playing Perfect Dark. I plan on buying LBP2, Mafia II (Maybe once it goes down in price), I might buy LA Noire once it comes out, maybe Killzone 3.. have to see.

Here's my favourite Muppet, Rowlf :) :P

Blog :O

Well, first off, I went on the Donkey Kong Country Returns board to make a topic about things I want to see in the next one (assuming there is a next one) and there was already a topic. All the posts pretty much pointed out what I was going to say: Better graphics, better map, no pig, bring back kremlings, underwater levels, original music etc. So I'm hoping if tey do make another (I really hope so) they include these things seeings as so many people seem to feel the same way. Anyway still need to buy it, just a few things I wish theyd change :D

Well I need to buy LBP2 now. Also I've been playing NAZI ZOMBIES :P Which is really cool, also CoD Black Ops is actually quite good, I would have thought otherwise seeings as its a CoD game, though that and WaW (In co-op) are ver good games. Cool stuff. and Nazi Zombies is great, I love the cinematic before the Presidential one :P

Well, movies:

The Town Extended Cut: Really good, I'd say better than the original cut because it didnt take anything really away, just added more, and since it's already a good movie, it is better now.

The Wolfman Extended Cut: Liked this one too, the start was super cool kinda made it a different world than in the original cut. One or two things didn't make sense because of the edit, but still very cool.

Marry Poppins: I saw this one awhile ago, or part of it but didnt remember a great deal of it. What a good movie though man alive. Dick Van Dyke is great, and he plays 2 characters :P and Julie Andrews is super cool :P But everyone was perfect, very good movie.

The Fighter: This was a good movie, better than I expeted :P The one thing that bugged me though is that sometimes someone might say something in a way that I don't think they'd actually say it. But still pretty good

In Bruges: This movie is unbelievable. I thought it would be a good movie judging from whos in it and the trailer etc, but I was blown away. Just fantastic.

So that's it for those

Games again, I played the Bulletstorm demo, its a lot offun indeed, I'd describe it as a first person Gears with Doom weapons. I think the characters are kinda annoying though =/ but whatever what do you expect from this sort of game.

Playing Sonic too.

Well thats about it, I've been adding movies to my top 10 list, so now I have a top 20. This is very early stages of it, so it's subject to change, but I like all these movies so it's all good

1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
2. I'm Not There
3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
4. Gladiator
5. Little Fish
6. Finding Neverland
7. The Aviator
8. The Fountain
9. The Sound of Music
10. Casablanca
11. Quiz Show
12. The Good the Bad and the Ugly
13. For a Few Dollars More
1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
2. I'm Not There
3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
4. Gladiator
5. Little Fish
6. Finding Neverland
7. The Aviator
8. The Fountain
9. The Sound of Music
10. Casablanca
11. Quiz Show
12. The Good the Bad and the Ugly
13. For a Few Dollars More
14. In Bruges
15. The Town
16. Bobby
17. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
18. Marry Poppins
19. Wall-E
20. The Great Dictator

Not actually from the movie, but a good picture of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Jesse James

Video Games and Movies of course!

Well I guess I've been meaning to make another blog for awhile, and today I kinda figured was a good time. I played Donkey Kong Country Returns, now at first I thought it looked lame, then I started getting kind of interested, so now I've tried it. I really like it, it's definatley different than the other DKC games, but I think its quite fine. I played a level with an octopus, and I played some of a boss. I do, however, take some issues with some things theyve added: Like the pig guy, the graphics could be better (I don't normally complain about this, but compared to the originals, it could be better:P) the 'super kong' tutorial thing maybe its a good idea, I don't really care for it, but whatever. Another thing is I wish is that the gold stuff, looked a bit more gold :P but ahh it was quite enjoyable, and now I want to buy a Wii. There are quite a few games that have come out I plan on buying (It's about time, the Wii used to seem kinda like a waste...)

Donkey Kong Country Returns
New Super Mario Brothers (Maybe, need to look into it)
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Epic Micky
Super Smash
Mario Kart

I'm kinda in the mood for patform games, reminds me of N64 kinda :P Even though I dont think I played many platfom games (Other than DK64). So yeah, pretty cool stuff, plus the Wii is cheap. But I do need to save up money and stuff, gonna be paying rent soon. But its all good :P

Still playing Red Dead Redemption. Very good, man. :P

Also Saints Row 2 still. Started on Morrowind again, me and my brothers are modding it to make awesome places :D Also finished Donkey Kong Country, and am now playing through the second one with my brother

Still no Lucid Dreams

Movies, watched I'm Not There again, too good a movie. Hmm, I'd like to see a movie called Howl. It has James Franco in it, he plays Allen Ginsberg, and its about his poem Howl, sounds really cool, I do however think it looks like I'm Not There, and if it's copying it, that would be dumb... though it does look like a very different movie, just some aspects... anyways heres a trailer . Watched Inception again.

Guess that's it, hmm. Pretty excited about saving for school.
So what's happening with everyone else?

From my second favourite movie, I'm Not There:
I'm Not There