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Rock Star:Supernova Finale(Part 1)

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This was the last night of prefomces on Rock Star: Supernova tonight and that sucks but it is also good because tomorrow they will pick who they want to be the lead singer of their band.I want Lukas to win because he freaking rocks.He has a great voice and he looks cool.I have never heard anyone with a voice like his it's really good.Tell me who you want to win on Supernova.Oh yeah I am going to beat Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando for the third time and after I beat that I am going to play Burnout Revenge and Tony Hawk's American Wastland.Does anyone like Tech Decks if so then cool because I have been play with Tech Decks a lot lately and I am getting very good at doing tricks on them.

I beat Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando (again)

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Well I did not do that much today I did skate a little bit but then it started raining so I came in.For some reson I can get on itunes and I don't know why.I beat Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando again and I am going to play it some more in a few minutes.Getting closer to level 20 just 59.18% more till I get there.Oh yeah it's just 25 days till my birthday and I can't wait but I have to wait till November 8 to get Tony Hawk's Project 8.Later guys going to go play Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando some more.


Pre-ordered Tony Hawk's Project 8

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Today I pre-ordered Tony Hawk's Project 8 for the PS2 at Gamestop.Well that's pretty much it and I am grounded till sunday so I well not be online.

My Second Skateboard

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This is my skateboad.If you like to skateboard and you have a skateboard please tell me what kind of board, wheels, trucks, and ect..If you have pic please let me see them.

400 Friends

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Today I saw I have 400 friends now sweet.Thanks for being my friend.

Level 18

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Well level 18 and 47% now I am get a lot closer to level 20.

36 Days till B-Day and need help

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Ok for my I want to get some video games and I don't know what to get.So can you guys help me out with some games that I should get for my birthday?Well I really mostly need you guys to recommend a games.Here is a link to my wish last if you would because so you can see some games I link .Oh yeah tomorrow I think I will be level 18 at lest I hope so.

Officers in a lot of unions

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Well today I was just count how many unions I am in that I am a officer and I am a officer in 10 unions that a lot.Here are the unions I am in as a officer.

All Around Gamers-Leader

Tony Hawk's Gamespot Union-Officer

Burnout Takedown-Officer

The Obsessive Gamers Union-Officer

The Nintendo Fan Boys Union -Officer

Everything Nintendo Union-Officer

Robs Sweet Union -Officer

Gamers Hangout -Officer

Bungie Boarders -Officer

The Three United Brands Union -Officer

Tony Hawk's Gamespot Project -Officer

The Generation Gaming Union-Recruit