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Big Night At Gamestop!

I traded in a couple or psp games i havent played in ages and got 62.00 worth of store credit. They had this awsome promotion that if i reserved a game i would get 15.00 more trade in plus 10% since im a member. I reserved Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, and Fable 2. I then bought Vikings Battle Of Asgard and Quake 4 (witch comes with quake 2). I got all of that for trading in Monster Hunter 2 (bored of it) Sid Meier's Pirate (Beat It) Socom (beaten it ages ago) and some other game i never played in ages. I bought all of that and i still have 22 left!


Gamestop Rules!

I Need Help!!

Hey, can anyone help me with my Union? I need a banner and an avatar. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance

Whats Up With The Olympics This Year!

Its just so crazy. There are people getting kicked out, and some karate guy kicked the ref, and the chinese people facked the singing. Everything just seems so crazy. Why cant they just do there sports, and have fun!

Off For School From Tropical Storm Fay

This is silly. I got off from school for 3 days because of this fay thing, and so far the first 2 days i am off, nothing at all has happened. Its not even raining, its just cloudy. Im not gonna complain thou


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