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Bioshock 2!

I went to wal-mart to pre-order bioshock 2 and the people there let me just pay in full and get my copy today :D So excited to play it!. :)


Im having fun with Gears 2 and Left 4 Dead. quite fun both of them i must say.

They were right

COD4 is really short, i beat it in just a few hours, but it was an amazing game, definitely deserved GOTY over Halo 3.

Now to try to beat Half Life 2 the Orange Box and the Simpsons

3 New Games :D

I got Call of Duty 4, Half Life 2- The Orange Box, and The Simpsons game.

I was gonna get COD4 for the PS3 but Wal-Mart was to packed there was atleast 50 people in the electronics area and only 3 people working. So I got it for the 360 since I couldent see it for the PS3, and I did the same with the others.

So I got 3 new 360 games, :D. cant wait to jump in and play them.

The Results are in..

I played video games now that i have Online for a total of 27 hours 25 minutes.

Day 1(without online) 5 hours

Day 1(with online) 4 hours


Day 2(without online) 3 hours

Day 2(with online) 9 hours


Day 3(without online) 0 hours

Day 3(with online) 6 hours 5 minutes


Day 4(without online) 1 hour 5 minutes

Day 4(with online) 5 hours


Day 5(without online) 0

Day 5(with online) 2 hours 45 minutes


Day 6(without online) 0

Day 6(with online 1 hour 30 minutes


Day 7(without online) 2 hours 30 minutes

Day 7(with online) 0

Now that I have online for all 3 of my systems, I will do a new gaming count.

I barely logged any time in video games the first week I tried this, but I got Online for all 3 of my systems Wendsday with the addition of my wireless router.

So I will go from Wendsday to Wendsday and see how long I played video games this time around.

Wendsday- 4 hours

Thursday- 9 hours

Friday-6 hours 5 minutes

Saturday- 5 hours

Sunday- 2 hours 45 minutes

Monday- 1 hour 30 minutes

Tuesday- 0

Wendsday- 0

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