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Good comment. I agree with what you just said. I'd also like to add the net neutrality issues as well. Yes, it's in the beginning stages but I wonder how it's all going to play out for streaming sites like Twitch and You Tube, Netflix had to pay Comcast a substantial sum of money to ensure that their movies would stream without major interruptions.

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I agree with you Jimmy. But what about guys like ManvsGame?

He has a degree but wasn't able to find work. Granted his degree is about as valuable as a piece of tissue, but that's not the point. His degree is in East Asian studies. He wasn't able to find work, so he decided to try his hand at streaming. It seems that he's doing pretty well.

Nowadays, 129,000 people have favorited his channel (an equivalent to a subscription on YouTube), and he's viewed nearly 27 million times.

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Dan's gaming does pretty well. All he does is game on twitch 8-10 hours a day.

I wonder what happens if you streamed on Twitch for 10 years and they go under. Do you go on job interviews and say that you streamed games on Twitch for 10 years. How would you even write a resume when you've spent years streaming on Twitchtv.

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You gotta let people fail sometimes on their own. Believe me, my full-time job is helping people and many times they don't listen. Just don't sweat it, and be there for them, love them, be their friend (not their always adviser). You don't want to drive them away or break the friendship just because you think they're doing something foolish, do you? You've been a true good friend by giving your honest opinion and not just affirming every little thing they do.

Thank you for the advice. I will do just that.

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I have a buddy who is going to be broadcasting on Twitchtv soon, He bought the computer, a good mic, and the other equipment that he needs. We have talked about doing this and I think it's not worth it. He quit going to college. His parents are upset with him. He plans to stream 8-10 hours a day.

If he would have started this at the beginning when Twitch was Justintv a few years ago I would have encouraged him to do it. But now? I was just on Twitch, and it has become saturated. I think there are just way to many people streaming games now. Unless you started a few years ago it's going to be nearly impossible to make a dent. It's like opening a pizza parlor on a block with 3 other pizza parlors. Your chance at succeeding is going to be nearly impossible.

I like Twitchtv. I think being able to stream games all day is awesome. I also know that it's not going to be an easy thing to do. I just think he needs a backup plan, but he will not listen to me.

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@Nanomage said:

Good for him,he was smart enough to figure out what kind of content his demographic is interested into and it worked,kudos to the guy. I can´t stand his videos though.

Do you really think he was that smart, or maybe he was at the right place at the right time. I seriously doubt he stayed up late and thought to himself, hey maybe if I act like an idiot and talk about rape I will get more subs.

First, he's a good looking guy and a lot of young girls like him. Second, he's from Sweden and has an accent. He's different and this appeals to his American viewers. It sets him apart from mostly everyone else who does those Let's Play videos. Third, he is engaging and is funny at times. Humor is a very subjective thing. What you might find funny another person might find repulsive or boring. Fourth, he's an enduring person who people can relate to. They feel connected when they view his videos.

Nothing against him. He's a very fortunate person .

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The guy has over 23 million subs. All he does in his videos is scream and make godawful jokes about rape. Yet, he makes a lot of money and he does what we would all like to do. Play video games for a living!

It's estimated he makes $9 million a year on You Tube.


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It's time to tighten up that A game bro. I can make you into the man you want to be. Do you want hot chicks, or do you want to be a pimply faced nerd like everyone here? You can either keep playing your xbox or join the team bro. It's all up to you.