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I plan go to college on Fall

I already went college for sign up.. bec I plan to college On Fall... I"m going study it long time. without playing video game... but I will plaIying game like 30 min or 1 hour. I hope I will make new friends in college very soon. I'm so excited!!! I hope someone who love video game... Wish me luck.

I got sick for two day...

I haven't feel better yet.... I just take rest... I hate really cold....

I been drink hot tea. I get some soup...I put to lime and honey with hot water...

I took nap... well I just playing little game Persona 4...

I hate running nose...

I hope I will get better very soon... I haven't look up my gamespot for two day road it.

I got new game for Wii..

I really enjoy my game..... I been playing game in weekend. and I have fun!!:)

I just got new games for Wii

Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Sakura Wars: So Long,my love.

really Awesome games!!! I didn't get bored at all.. but I have unfinish Persona 3 and 4... I still playing games..

thank you for reading...

I hope I find new games wish me luck!!


do you have

If you want add me or don't have to..... but I"m not trying forec you..

your choses..

I want know which is best game for wii...

I"m look for some game for the Wii...

Pls tell me about list game list... which is the best!!!

I able buy some new game..... I'm kind of bored!!!

and I was too busy at work weeking!!! I haven't play some games for long time..

but I will play game in the weekend!!

thank you for reading..

new thundercats? remake and movie,too?

believe or not..

I found something's really odd..

now they remake new characters,too.

If you see before in 80s classic Thundercats when you were child..

they start remake new thundercat.. where? in cartoon network... but I don't know when start new thundercat... i think in fall.

And movie.... really's odd...

new movie Thundercats.... wow... again.. little different it...

sorry I don't know how to put in video here..

I'm going give you website, in,too

if you like or not....

I don't know why.. remake new nightmare elm street..

I heard remake new child play... you know doll name chuck...

there's one girl who like me...

On Friday..March 11.

He told me there's one girl who like me....but I just met her once time...I don't remember her name and face....

He's say you did met at her... I don't know about her life... He's tell me she want talk and see me.

He told me.. why don't you date her? I told him I don't know her at all.. I just met her one time..

I haven't see her few year or month or weeks?

He say she really pretty it... what I do now? bec she's deaf.

just little help, Pls?

thank you for reading.

finally I got my hearing aid back.

I haven't wear for long time.. almost 8 year for now..

bec was broke.. now really fix!!

and now I able hearing everything now..

my hearing aid really new....

I'm so happy now.. I able hearing again.. I can't hearing sound... Only I can hearing little bit... I can't understand it what they say it.... now I can hearing and read the lips....

I'm hard of hearing...

now I"m able playing my game.. I able hearing much better now... I always put high sound like 20... now I hearing sound like 4...

really perfect!!!


thank you for reading.