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Games i am gonna get before the year 2009 is out (part 4),1,and some other stuff

So this is going to be the final blog on this topic,so lets see number 1 my most anticipated game for this year.

1.Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2

I think some of you may of thought that this game will be number 1,anyway this game will be great.I think that this game might even get game of the year like its predecessor (modern warfare).So infinity ward is back with modern warfare 2 on november 10 a day after my birthday(lol) and i have already pre-ordered it as one of my late presents.Why i am really looking forward to this game is because modern warfare was so good and the gamplay i have seen so far of the sequel seems to be great.In the sequel it has snowmobiles,a lot of different envioroments including a snowy envioroment (cool)they all look so good,some new guns with built in GPS and and an improved online experience(i hope).The thing i am most probably waiting for is online,because the past 3 call of duty games there online play is just superb i think no one can beat it.I am looking forward to getting my hands on this game.

so thats it on games i am gonna get before the year 2009 is out hope you enjoyed it and now i wanted to share some other stuff with you guys and gals before this blog comes to an end.

So I got a new emblem i think i got it yesterday, i got it for voting for my favourite hero.Here is the emblem,i have now 13 emblems.

I also downloaded some demos like Mini ninjas,wet and Dirt 2.

Mini Ninjas is a fun game to play and i might get it in the future when the price goes down.The combat is good and so is the magic,there is no gore but still satisfying.

Wet is a game i had never heard before but i downloaded the demo.It was alright but i wont be purchasing it.Why is becuase you just slide,jump and wall running while shooting it is a bit like Dead to rights Reckoning but not even that good.The thing i liked was the sword combat,you just go to an enemy and just cut through them like butter and the gore was good in this game too.

I havent played Dirt 2 yet buti have downloaded it,and you will get my opinion of the demo soon.

I also wanted to say is whoever purchased Batman:Arkham Asylum have fun.I cant get it yet because well i just cant dont have any money but i really want it.

See ya

Games i am gonna get before the year 2009 is out Part 3:4,3,2

So now 3/4 blogs on this topic,


4.New Super Mario Bros Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Boxshot

This game was announced at E3 09 and i was not expecting this at all.Everyone was asking for a sequel because of the awesome New super mario bros but it was on the ds and now it is coming on its sibling the wii.I think its fair to say no one can wait for the game thats if you have got a wii,well i cant wait.This time around theres yoshi different colours (HOORRAAY),4 player multiplayer which are mario,luigi,yellow toad and blue toad(i am really looking forward to that),new moves like picking characters up and trowing them or picking them up because of danger,new suits like penguin suit and helicopter hat (cant wait),there is also co-operative and last but not least more than 80 levels.ant wait for this game coming out on NOVEMBER 27 09.

3.Assassins Creed II

Assassin's Creed II Boxshot

Well when assassins creed was announced everyone was just waiting to play the game because the games visuals looked stunning and as for the combat looked awesome.when the game did come out there were people who didnt like it because of it s repetitiveness and confusing story towards the end.Now desmonds back in the Animus, to a new ancestor anda assassin named Ezio Auditore da firenze in the italian ressinance.I dont know much about this game but i know that this sequel will be better than the first.I know that Ezio is not at first an assassin in the game but then he starts to become one as you start to progress through the game,Ezio sometimes does not carry much weopons around so in battle you will have to steal the oppositions weopons,there are new moves like this double dagger move,better missions what i mean is that instead of scalling view points you do something different but i dont know yet,and thats all i know.Really excited for this game.

2.Uncharted 2:Ammong Theives

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Boxshot

The sequel Uncharted 2 :Among Theives has to be great everyone is saying,well the people who have played drakes fortune will be saying that because of its memeroble characters, Naughty dog involvement, and its engrosing story.I can say that i am really excited welll you should be able to tell because look at how high i have put this on the list.I know only breif storyline of the game,drake finds out that there were many boats out on sea with lots of treasure on the boats in 1249 but never got to the destination so now drake has set off(i think that is what i have heard)
.This time around the visualy stunning game will have co-op and multiplayer something that drakes fortune never had,so excited about that.In the sequel i think there will be some different characters from the 1st one i dont know if that will be a good idea because the characters last time were funny like sully.I will be sad if i dont get this game beore 2009 is at its end.

So 2nd last blog on this topic is done,stay tuned for NUMBER 1 very soon.Thanks for reading,if you have been.

Games i am gonna get before the year 2009 is out (part 2):7,6,5

So this blog will be 2/4 on this topic,so another 2 more blogs after this,so i think


7.Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1943 Boxshot

Battlefield 1943,is a great visualy looking game just for a downloadable package and is so fun you can play for hours.I dont have this game i just have played at my friends house.The guns look great and they feel great,there are only 3 maps but that does not really bother me because you can do so many things in 1 map.In the game you can drive vheicles,boats and aircrafts.The thing that might get boring is having the same 3 equiped soliders to play as.Battlefield 1943 is a downloadable package for £9.99 on XBL and PSN.This is a definite buy before the year comes to an end.

6.Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Boxshot

I played ninja gaiden sigma and had good graphics,cool blood slicing moves,good characters and good campaign,i just hope that ninja gaiden sigma 2 can be as good or hopefully better.I think it will be better becuase this time it will have more modes,more characters and a new campaign.The thing that i think everyone will buy this game for is for its challenge and its gore it is fantastic.I cant wait for this game september 22nd 09

5.Mario & Luigi:Bowsers Inside Story

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Boxshot

I think that this game will be a success,actualy i know that this game will be a success.Why i think that is because of 3 things that the game seems to have 1.Mario,2.Luigi and last but not least 3.Bowser.I know a little bit of the story well actualy all i know is that bowser vaccuums mario and friends in his mouth in his stomach and the journey starts there.This game is on the DS and i think this game will use every aspect of the ds,well so far i know that mario and luigi are always nearly are on the bottom screen of the ds and on the top screen is bowser doing things like drinking water which will affect the bottom screen becuase you are in bowsers stomach.So far of the gameplay i have seen it is looking like a promising gaming shaping up.Cant wait to play it.

So thats it for this blog,but there is 2 more blogs on this topic.Thanks for reading,if you are.


Games i am going to get before the year 2009 comes to an end:10,9,8..

In the next 4 blogs i will be announcing my 10 most anticipated games i want to get before theyear 2009 comes to an end and write a little bit why i want the game.In this blog i will announce my 10,9 and 8 games i want before the year ends.SO lets begin and i hope you enjoy the list.


inFamous Boxshot

This game was not really on my gaming list,in fact i was not even interested in it.Then i played the demo straight off PSN and it was awesome,such a demo which made me play it over and over again,to be honest i have played the demo over 10 times i think.This game might not have really great graphics but the story of what so far i know is quite interesting and the best thing is it unfolds as a comic book which is really different form other games,the combat in this game with all of the differnet electric moves are really great fun to use and seems not too get boring after a while.A must purchase before this year is out.

9.Grand Theft Auto:Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Boxshot

This GTA game which came out on the DS was a very interesting one.Why is because this is the first GTA game to come out on the DS and i wondered how it would do,i can tell you that i was never expecting it too be a real popular game and this good (i have never played this game but everyone who owns this game has said it is a good game).Of what i know of the story is good but the graphics are not that good,you play always at a birds eye view,and the missions are excellent.I dont know why i never brought this game before but i will get this game before the year ends.

8.Dead Space

Dead Space Boxshot

This sci-fi Shooter should also be dubbed as a Survival Horror is a execlent game,how i know the game is good is because i have downloaded the demo off PSN, all of the great reviews i have read off GS(which are all nearly good) and what score GS gave which was a 9.0.The game looks great with its great visuals,enemies,story and the gameplay.I havent really had a scary shooter for a while now my last one was RE4,i do have RE5 but i wont say that game is a survival horror.Recently dead space has gone cheap so this game will be a bargain purchase by the end of this year.

So get ready for my next blog,which will be the countdown from 7,6 and 5.

see ya

I have never played Final Fantasy before,please dont shout!

I know that many of you guys and girls have played Final Fantasy,well at least one of them and i also know that many of you like them.I am going to tell you something i have never played a Final Fantasy game before.Please stop it i can hear you yelling at me,please stop yelling at me because i am going to buy 1 of the final fantasy games most probably on the ds very soon.Why i want to buy a Final Fantasy game is because everyone is going on about how good the games are and i was willing to try one of the games out.So if i do get a Final Fantasy game,which one should i get, it is so confusing for a starter of the series there are just so many Final Fantasy games out there.If you are gonna choose for me choose one them on the DS,becuase my DS is getting lonely.

Quick Gaming update! (Finished RE5!)

I cant really be bothered to right much so sorry i know i am a lazy dumb ass.Today i completed RE5 and this game has to be one of the best games up to this day ,okay there are some flaws but on my account can be overlooked well some of them can and in the next couple of days my review will be posted up for this game.So now i have beaten RE5,i guess it is time to hunt for a new game,actually not yet becuase i think i want to play RE5 a bit longer to unlock some more trophies,the costumes,characters for mercenaries and maybe play the game again but this time on veteran.when i do think it is time for a break away from RE5 then,i think i want a game for my ds like GTA:Chinatown Wars,or maybe something from Playstation Store like Fat Princess or Battlefeild 1943.I also downloaded Batman Arkham Asylum demo from the Playstation Store and it is good but a short demo,when you start getting into the demo it finishes your like no you B***H.I will be looking froward to this games release date.


Completed GOW:COO and Your Best Visualy Looking Game?

I completed God Of War:Chains Of Olympus yesterday,and i have already written a review so if you want to go and check it out thats fine.My next game i will be focusing on is RE5,i have started it i have got around 6 more levels to do.So wish me luck.

The secound part of this blog is about what is your favourite visualy looking game up to this point of the gaming generation?I have played so many great visualy looking games like,MGS4,GTAIV,SMG,FC2,RE5,KZ2,GOW,Dead Spaceand some more but i wanted to know what is your best visualy looking game up to this point?

I need a good DS Game.......HELP!

It has been a while since i last brought a DS game and i think it is time to get one.I have a couple games in mind but i want your help so could you tell me some games that i will like for the DS.

First Impressions of RE5 + First purchase from PS+ MW2

Resident Evil 5

Well i started to play RE5 yesterday and this is what my first impressions are of the game:

I started off in the game just driving down the African road,meeting my partner and then it was action time well just killing lots of zombies.So far in the game the Weapons are just soo COOL! they feel so good and whenthey start firing the bullets sound really awesome,the red light which helps to aim also look so good.The graphics are incredible,the cutscenes are so realistic and even in some of the cutscenes you have to interact with the scene by pressing whatever button comes up on the screen,one slip then chris or sheva are dead.The storyline is going very smoothly,so far no complications i am on level 3-1 and just a really fun game too play.Having sheva as a partner is not annoying as i thought it would be but sometimes she can just do nothing.The slow movement in how chris moves needs time to get used well for me i had to get used to it,pointing the gun when locking in does not move that fast which is a shame because when you are up against something like dogs the dogs are fast and your not fast inshooting them leads into getting very annoyed and dissapointed with the encounter.As for people who have said that RE5 is not as good as RE4,i think is not true well you do have your own opinions and i do too.I have unlocked some trophies for the game about 12 trophies and hopefully i will unlock more.

Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5

Today i made my first purchase from the playstation store,i brought the versus mode for RE5 it was £3.99.I will be making more trips to the Playstation Store in the coming weeks to buy games like my most anticipated one is Battlefeild 1943 i really want it.

Today i also pre_ordered my first game MODEN WARFARE 2,i just loved MW so much and i knew this one will be great so why not pre_order it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


My Latest Purchase.

My latest purchases

Well i had to get a new game because i was not going to play my old games through the summer holidays , i was sopposed to get one but my luck i did not get one game i got two.My first game i got was RE5 on the ps3Resident Evil 5 Boxshot i know it has been out now for a litttle while now but i had to get it,well because i played RE4 and that was excellent so i had to pick up RE5.

My secound purchase was unexpected i saw it at a good price and got it,the game is God Of War:Chains Of Olympus on the pspGod of War: Chains of Olympus Boxshot now i know you was not expecting that.

I havent played RE5 yet but i have started GOW the difficulty HARD because i have heard the game is short and i want it to last long hopefully it will,so far the game is great i have played against a couple of bosses and all of them are great the brutal combat is great and the magic is good too so so far i am happy with the game.

I think that is me out SEE YA!