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New responsibility

"People take their lives too seriously, they forget life is short so, all we need to do is enjoy our lifes and have fun"

Just read that off a friends monthly blog, jesus_knight, great blog btw, go check it out. Though as much as I will love to believe that, harsh reality hits me like a hammer on an eggshell no matter how hard I try. Though I only had two years of undergrad and one more by this spring, I'm applying to med school. Maybe in July, I will have a month or so to finally enjoy that big backlog of games I accumulated during sales and specials throughout this year, but until then its studying for the MCATs (a really tough national test used to get into med school). Which brings me to a quote that seems to make little sense but instills great hope nonetheless if you can understand the twisted meaning.

"There is dignity in suffering; nobility in pain; but failure is a salted wound, that burns and burns again"

Ok, not really twisted, but sad really. I may return on some random day, till then, game on.

Am I a nussaince?

Sometimes people say I'm funny, sometimes they just ignore me. Especially now that I'm not participating in any of the unions I am in, well besides the rare ocassion for the PS3 union and I'm not leveling up as fast as I can. Am I wanted? I know there are a few that still talks to me but less than a fifth of my friends talk to me and my list is small, smaller than some other of my friends.

Made up my mind, none this year

The new generation is a quirky one, but it doesn't mean I won't join, I'll just join later. Right now I'm just stocking up on the cheap 360 games I want, mostly Tom Clancy as they always seem better and semi-exclusiveon the 360 like the GRAW and Splinter Cell. I'll pick up cheap PS3 games if they come by like if Resistance falls under $30 this holiday, I'll pick it up for later. This is the best way I guess as I save money. Not only that, but the 360 can have the bugs fixed (the situation is improved but can get better) and the PS3 seems to have a chance to get better permutations (the 40GB SKUlooks really nice, but you never know). As for the Wii games... everyone knows that Nintendo keep their first party games at full price for two to three years, so I guess none will be cheap this year, and I can big up a wii any time as I know the first party titles will always be there. So I'll probably get those systems next year and have a great library to enjoy it.

P.S. Watch the vid below, it shows an actual Sony ad vs. a fan-made one. True the fan-made one would cost Sony more, but it looks way better than anything Sony pumps out.

And when I was ready to "Jump in," this rumor just ruined it

Normally, I know that a lot of things on the internet is a load of bull, but apparently, some rumors are substantiated through experience, like the $399.99 40gb PS3 rumor that became true, a similiar rumor came in for the 360. A HD-DVD drive built-in, now one may say no big deal at first thought, but then I saw that large games might need the HD-dvd drive to play, that ticks me off. And I was only planning to get one, what about the others who bought one? Usually I would ignore this rumor, but given the recent history of Sony and MS constantly pumping out new SKUs, this idea doesn't sound to farfetched, if anything, it's logical which disturbs the hell out of me.

Here is the Article, read it and be mad:

Choices... Wii, PS3, or wait out another year

I gonna get a 360 by the end of this year, along with a good batch of games, I'm just waiting for Toys r us or some other retailer to give $50-100giftcards this holiday for purchasing a 360 like last year. But that is not the problem,my dilemna is, I'm considering buying another system along with that. Its either gonna the 40 gb ps3 for $400 dollars or the wii, or i'll postpone it till next year. See the PS3 has no nice games that aren't multiplatform yet IMO but there a few proming one coming soon, but the wii has four killer apps coming out this season, but next year will leave my wii dusty since I only buy first party games for Nintendo consoles, and the last alternative is to postpone till next year and plan it from there. Money isn't a problem since i can handle any of these choices, but I'm on the fence about the wii and the PS3, these investments look very iffy compared to the 360. What to choose...

Another Leaked vid, this time is Halo 3 ending

The last post leaked a full 10 minutes of the TGS NinjaGaiden 2demo and no one left a comment. This is the ending of Halo 3, so obviously is the biggest spoiler.

Its a youtube link this time, but poor quality. And please comment on if you liked it, or didn't watch for a reason... any feedback is cool. Also check out my last post, its frickin Ninja Gaiden 2 gameplay, what more can you ask for.

Wow thats fast!

I just footage Ninja Gaiden 2 and its fast. Its requires a reaction time of F-Zero (Gamecube version on the highest difficulty) to be good. And the new blood and gore effects are insane. Blink for a second and you can miss as much as five hit combo.

Its really looks promising and currently 360 exclusive.

Lair more responsive due to PS3 firmware v1.92, resolves Warhawk freezing issue

Recent internet rumors suggest controls for Lair have been far improved as a result of the new PS3 firmware v1.92. As we all know, Lair was slated by reviewers especiall for its poor controls, so this improvement makes sense especially as the title has been hyped so much previously.

Journalists were reporting that the all new PS3 firmware featured loads of new options including flash XMB wallpaper support, faster loading times and various other tweaks and improvements. HOWEVER, the official changelog has surfaced at with the only update being listed under Playability - "Playability status with the PS3 system has changed for some PS3 format titles" - it looks as if reports that the update contained much more were just a form of the placebo effect. More likely the firmware just fixes some issues that Warhawk owners were experiencing.

PS3 Lair being played on the PSP through remote play

Hate the motion controls? Try using the psp, it USES THE ANALOG NUB!! Tight controls and better gameplay, shown in the video in the link below. Now if you hate the analog nub for some reason, refuse to use a usb controller, and just flame Sony for the crappy controls, you are a troll. These solutions make the game great, if you refuse to try them, it means you never intended to play the game in the first place and you are some loser fan boy.

Stop whining and get in the action. Unless you don't have PS3 yet like me... then umm... try the game when you get a PS3. Maybe by then, the poor sales might drop the games price and we get a game and can master it secretly and laugh at those who are stuck with the sixaxis.