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New Start

I know its been a while since i've posted and alot has happened since my last post.

I am now married. Yeah thats right i'm no longer miss blueeyed but become mrs blueeyed. there is also a lil blueeyed roaming around now 10 weeks old. And i have also moved with my hubby in to a small but perfect 2 bed room flat thats just perfect for my little family.

I hope everyone is having as great a year as me. xxx

Those you can trust and know will be there

Lately I have gone through the hardest time of my life and I have felt so alone. But whilst I've been in my darkest hours the ones I love have shined through for me, I know some times they may not feel appreciated (my fiancee for one), as I have been really snappy lately but I want them all to know I appreciate everysingle thing they have done wether its been a shoulder to cry on or just being there without having said a word. The hard times are when it shows who is a true friend, many friendships are strengthened or broken at times like the one we're going through.

I have internet

Thank god i got it, now got summat to do when my daughters in bed, and i have live too so i'm gonna enjoy playing people on line, yayyyyyyyy.

My New Union

Right I am going to be starting a new union around puzzle quest and puzzle games in general and need some help in creating in. I only need people to be officers to start it up, I've tried before and it didnt quite work. Please help me.

A new start

Ok so I know I ususally rant but this time, this time, I am putting up something happy. My little girl as you all will know has a lot of health problems and as you may see from the pictures has a feeding tube it has now been replaced by a gastrostomy which means no more pain for her nose. she is a beautiful little girl who's so loving, also I am happy once again no more lonely nights crying but nights of laughter. :):):)

Life is what you make it, keep looking forward

I have posted some blogs on here about my feelings and ideals but not one about the important things, life is my main thought. like why does this situation bring me to tears of the bad kind and another to tears of good, tears are just water filled with salt and doesnt always show your true feelings. you "cry" when you peel onions. but that is one theory i have life can be a mix of the good and the bad, but how do you know if you've experienced one if you dont experirence them all how do you know if they are what you want. I have and ok fair enough I'm only 21 but still I have had my share of darkness in my life and now i hope the light has come out. For someone to look at me they would say confident bubbly and so sure of everything but to get to know what i actually think and see look closely at me, I have very few friends and i let very few into my life for risk of getting hurt. When i do let people in I am very careful, i do trust but not entierly. I know it can be looked upon as a bad thing but as i explained earlier I have had a tough time in my life and not many people see this in me, and i hope that this small glimpse is enough for you all to enjoy and cherish each moment and to live life to the full :).

New House !!!!!!

Saturday and Sunday re supposed to be days of rest....... Not if you're me, I am moving that day and have lots of orginising to do. I still have loats of packing to do. How stupid am I (rhtorical question). I get the keys tomorrow (hopefully) and I am going to start the cleaning process, it may seem strange that am I so excited but it will be my first home I'm not sharing with a boyfriend, I shall have my own room something that is new and I am looking forward to it. I am moving with my best friend who is also on here and I know she is just as excited as me. My little girl will also have her own room. She needs lots of space so she will have the biggest room. She will be able to have all her toys out and play with them. It is the perfect house for my small, if slightly disfunctional family. I am so happy as we will all be reuinited, puppies and all.

my new pictures

I have uploaded some pictures of me now. With my new life on the horizon I got a new look. Please feel free to take a look and comment. Thanks all.

New house

I have been offered a two bed house today and its so amazingly cool, it has a lift inside, just think of the drunken fun lol