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I'd suggest looking into which PSP games are available on Vita (seems to be a decent amount) since then you can get games for both systems. But the PSP is still a very good system with a lot of games worth playing and it should be easy to get a good price.

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It's only been out for just about a month now, calm down. PS3 will get support because a ton of people have them and Sony can take advantage of that since not nearly as many people have a PS4, and Sony doesn't leave people hanging like Microsoft seems to do once a new system launches. As for GT6, well, IDK what to tell you, maybe you should have looked it up online anytime this year and you would have known it's only on PS3. And of course the PS3 will get more Plus support, it has a much much larger library and for PS4 they're going to want to sell launch titles for as much as they can.

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Both series are two of my favorites, but with the way MH sets up each section as an individual world map I'd say it has a bit more in common with Demon's Souls since that game didn't have an open world, but instead had a few smaller worlds, like MH does.

Both are really great series and should at least be tried by fans of difficult games or RPGs (though, the Souls games are a bit more traditional RPGs since MH doesn't rely much on stats like the Souls games do).

I too am hoping MH gets more recognition in the West, all the people I showed it to have really liked it, they just never heard of it before.

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I think it's part of the Instant Game Collection for the PS4, so I doubt it'll go anytime soon.

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Most of the RPGs already mentioned I am looking forward to, but to add to the list, I'm actually really looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online. Yeah, it's a MMO, but it still seems to have the same RPG elements of the main series and since I won't be getting many PS4 games next year, the fee won't be as bad. Now I just have to decide between PS4 and PC.

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Bioshock: Infinite (the story is great and I can't get enough of the fantastic art style and world they created)

Skyrim (most hours I've put in any game this year)

Uncharted 2 (my first PS3 game, some really awesome levels, and I put a lot of time in the MP)

Demon's Souls (just a great game, I think it's better than Dark Souls)

Beyond: Two Souls (I was hesitant going into this game, but wow, the ending and story were great and the interactive movie type gameplay, while not traditional, made a nice blend of interactivity and story, boosting the amount of immersion. My only issue is the last section leading up to the ending was cliche and predictable, they game really excels in smaller, intimate moments, but the big blockbuster moments are kind of lacking, as is their ability to create a love story).

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I was going to ask how Ys is but it seems most people including those here really like it, I've never played one but it looks pretty cool. Sadly, there aren't many RPGs for the Vita, I'd love to have a Demon's Souls spin-off on the Vita or just a port would be cool. It is a shame we're getting some free-to-play Dragon's Dogma instead of a real one, that game's so awesome on consoles, would love to play that on the Vita.

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I actually enjoyed Dead Island and this looks to improve upon every aspect (hopefully boss battles are better), definitely looking forward to it.

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Out of curiosity, can you use Sony's PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset on the PS4? Just asking for two reasons: 1. I have one and would like to not spend more money if I can use it and 2. if you can use it I've seen it cheaper on other sites and would definitely recommend it. I use it mainly for the headphones because I play at night and don't want to bother people sleeping. From what I gather from other players, the mic is clear so no issues there.