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I just got a 3DS XL for myself and tried the 3D but it strained my eyes in no time so I turned it off and the screen looks like any other screen, it just happens to be in your hands due to the nature of the system. The bigger screen on the XL is pretty nice as well.

I don't know much about the Wii-U, but I believe it can play Wii games so that opens up a decent sized library. It is nice to play on a big screen but it really comes down to which system you think will provide more/better games. The 3DS has the big DS library as well, which is rather intimidating due to the amount of high quality games available (plus it has Pokemon, which is a plus).

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  1. Bioshock: Infinite
  2. Beyond: Two Souls
  3. Tomb Raider
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Well, for me it's because I don't feel like getting another decent headset after just getting Sony's PS3 one last year and now they won't let me use it on the PS4. Plus I'm the only one I know with a PS4 so it's no big deal for me, yeah, some games would benefit from it, but it's not like many others are using mics in BF4 (really, I don't think I've played on any squads that have even one mic).

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I went for getting a 3DS XL for MH. So far I'm liking it, though I may get the circle pad add on for the underwater parts or just team up with some people who are better at controlling the camera under water. Now I have to take a look at all the 3DS and DS games I have been missing out on.

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@am_h8ter_ade: I believe the 3DS version is on sale for $20 at Gamestop this week.

I'm leaning more towards the 3DS version since I can get a good deal on a 3DS and can get MH on sale, plus I found out a lot of people I know just got MH on their 3DS for Christmas.

Out of curiosity, is the 3DS durable or should I get a warranty?

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@donkeybrains: Can the 3DS play regular DS games? I never had a DS but there are some games I was interested in that my friends had. And is the circle pad pro basically just to control the camera, because that would be great (MH on the PSP was really aggravating to control the camera, that's the last I played MH). Also, is a normal 3DS fine or should I go for the larger one?

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Hey all, I was just wondering is the newest Monster Hunter better on 3DS or Wii-U. I'm thinking of maybe getting one of these systems and MH is one of my favorite series, so it'll help me decided which to get. Right now I'm leaning towards the Wii-U version due to it being in HD and online play. A lot of people I know will be getting it on 3DS, but since they can link to the Wii-U that seems to be a good option. However, the price of the 3DS is pretty nice and as a result I was wondering how the game is on it. I know there won't be online play but how are the controls and graphics?

Thanks for any info, I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

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Good games across the board, already have Infinite (my favorite game on PS3) but the rest I will be checking out, the DMC demo was cool, looking forward to playing it.

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I'd suggest looking into which PSP games are available on Vita (seems to be a decent amount) since then you can get games for both systems. But the PSP is still a very good system with a lot of games worth playing and it should be easy to get a good price.