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Unchated 2 is the only game I can think of that is at that price range and have a stable online community. You'll get some mileage out of it until UC3 (end of this year).

thanks, but i've already been playing that one since last year, though i do agree the online is pretty good
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so i'm on a budget here, don't really want to spend more than $20 on a game. looking mainly for the online component so it'll need a relatively populated community and be a good online experience. anyone have any recommendations? looking mainly for a shooter.
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1. battlefield bad company 2 2. call of duty world at war 3. uncharted 2
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so i know it got horrible reviews, but since then several patches have been released for socom confrontation. i was wondering if it's worth picking up for $10. i don't mind the absence of single player since i recently picked up enslaved: odyssey to the west and borderlands for single player and online co-op respectively. So basically, for that price is it worth checking out or is it not worth it (note, i don't want to spend $60 on socom 4 though i do think it looks pretty decent and will eventually check out).
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It depends on who you are playing with. If you're with a full party and everyone has a mic it is very fun and requires alot of tactics and teamwork. Camping is required unless you are quite good at run and gun without putting yourself too out there. Now if you're with random strangers, depending on whether they have a mic or not; you mght not have much fun. It could get boring. And suicide RPGers are quite rare.

PS: If you manage to play with a full party, have some fun with Cold blooded and snipers by hiding in a snow map (such as derail) in a place no one would look. Use heartbeeat sensors and watch how the other team goes nuts looking for you guys.:D

out of curiosity, how large is the map you mentioned and other maps in the game, cause i'm more into the larger and medium sized maps which were often lacking from WAW which I feel never got as popular as the other games and because of it also got a better fanbase.
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so as the title suggests, is COD:MW2 any good on hardcore mode? I mean, are the players more mature than they are on standard online? I've been putting off getting this game because of all the young kids who abuse it and turn the matches into a bunch of idiots running around. I've played bad company 2 on hardcore mode and have found the games to be a lot more organized. So basically, are the people who play hardcore mode on MW2 better to play with than those who play on normal online?
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Idk if its still full of hackers but most likely get COD4. Bad Company 1 just wasn't that great to me. The second one though was way different.


yeah COD4 is full of hackers now (i just played ittoday)'s currently the worst COD on ps3. WaW and MW2 dont have so many hackers.

WAW is good but a lot of people don't play it, and those who do mainly only do team deathmatch. I was actually considering MW2, but the fanbase just annoys me, are the people who play it any more serious when on hardcore mode?
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[QUOTE="campzor"]cod 4 is the better game overall.. better campaign and better mp.. the thing is though .. the cod 4 mp has been hacked so goodluck trying to get into a good game.. and the bc1 mp is probably dead.

well i guess the next question would be if anyone knows of any other reasonably priced online shooters that would be worth checking out
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[QUOTE="Eazy1891"]well....BFBC1 is good as well but it only has the one mode as well....COD4 if im not mistaken is still full of hackers....reguardless if its not the community has died quite a save u the 10-20 bucks youll spend to get COD4 or BFBC1 just look at all your connections on your PS3 and router or search it on google...BFBC2 is your favorite online shooter for a reason.....because its one of the best to come out this gen as far as MP games go...ive had those types of problems with other games as well yet ive always found a way to get it going again....whether its fiddling with things or waiting(which u have already been doing as far as i can see...) so please take my advice to consideration yet if you do not i would have to say if COD4 isnt being attacked by hackers anymore then go for it...its a great game still and just like CODWAW and MW2 probably without the lil baby kids since theyve all moved on to BO and MW2

Apparently the 1st bad company had another mode added in a patch or something which i think is conquest, if that's the case then it's not bad since that's all i play on hardcore mode in the 2nd one. I just wasn't sure what exactly the differences were between 1 and 2. I'm not really into messing with my router since it's the only game that does it and it used to work just fine. I was thinking about that with COD4 since the COD games seem to be the 'it' games to be pretty much ruined in any way possible (though the developers aren't helping themselves by jamming a new COD down our throats every year).
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Ok, so this may seem odd but I do have some reasoning behind my question of BBC1 and Cod4. I got BBC2 a few months ago, but for a month or so it has been kicking me off every online game with 3 and a half minutes, so I sadly can't play my favorite online shooter for the ps3 anymore. For this reason I was wondering if the first game is any good online since that's what I'm looking at it for. I refuse to get COD:MW2 because the few times I've played online the players (seems like a lot of young kids) just kill what I feel like could've been a decent online experience if they weren't there. I do have COD:WAW, but it seems like people only play team deathmatch, so I was wondering if COD4 still has a decent community (by what I've read online it seems like it has a more mature and dedicated fanbase). I'm interested in seeing what other people's opinion on these two or any other game in the relative price range that offer good online.