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So, I've been playing Madden online, and have been for quite some time. I was wondering what other sports games are worth getting for online and multiplayer in general. I'm really only into football in real life, which is why I don't really know what sports games are any good other than Madden. Recently I've been getting a little bit into hockey, but then found out there are quite a few hockey games out. Anyone have an opinion on which sports games are worth getting for the multiplayer (open to any sport, and any year for the game as long as it still has an online community)?

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I think game co. take realisim to serious. I want to play games to escape reality not be further imersed in it. GTA 4 was suppose to more realistic but its not realisitic to run around town killing hundreds of people and go on your way after a short chase. I mean you kill a dude in his office and USE your real name! Who does that!? Even madden ok they say its realistic but i can never throw a swing pass out to my running back cause he always just runs outta bounds. The realisim is that i gotta watch the video game players take all day to get back to the line,And I swear if i have to see them take sips of water 1 more time! Anywho realisim has no place as a selling point in video games.caketoo

Well, I just felt GTA 4 was rather bleak, that it sucked the fun out of it a lot of times. Concerning the Madden thing, it is possible to throw a swing pass to your running back, it just good timing (I've spent a lot of time working on it since I use it a lot). But I do agree that the little clips of players on the sideline are rather annoying. I'm interested to see what this years Madden brings to the table.

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I'd say it's a free service. The PS3 is more than a 360 mainly because it's a more powerful machine, and there probably is a chance some of that money is also going to the psn. Regardless, there are no fees or anything, so it basically is a free service. They do need to compensate people as a way of practicing good and proper PR; which in this case has turned into crisis PR and is quite a bit harder than normal PR. I for one am not going to be against sony because a group of losers probably living with their parents and without girlfriends decided they had the right to break the law, and because it's in a cyber realm it's completely justified somehow in their minds. Looking at the PSN as a whole from a PR perspective, it's a really great way to relate to the public, especially in a tough economic time, who doesn't like free stuff?

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well though this was horrible timing i'm sure that anyone with some sense will realize it isn't sony's fault. that being said, i was actually looking into getting this game. i never played a socom game before, looked at confrontation but read it wasn't that great. this looked pretty neat, but until psn comes back i'll hold off on getting it since i'll be able to return it if i don't like it (the only good thing gamestop does).

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Well it has been out for a while, but I still believe it has a ton of life left in it. Just look at what they were able to do with the ps2 towards the end. It takes a while for developers to fully be able to take advantage of a console. Now that they're basically forced into 3D and motion sense it will take even longer until the ps3 is able to reach its full potential. It makes sense the Wii is getting basically an update. There's nothing wrong with it, but it really isn't up to the standards of the other current gen systems. I just feel if a ps4 will come out soon it'll need to be something really amazing, if not they're going to miss out on the potential still in the ps3. Not to mention the state of the economy that is constantly on the news, how is anyone really going to justify buying a system that may cost $500 when they can get a ps3 with a plethora of really good games and only more of those games to come.

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I've been thinking the same thing for years. What ever happened tothe old-school way of gaming? Over the top storys, unrealistic weapons, hidden upgrades,impossable puzzles that took an hours to solve. All the things that made classic games addictive.With PSN out I have been playing Super metroid on the wii and it still kicks the s*** out of games for NEWER systems. Its like game designers forgot their roots or something???


While I think we have a lot of good games still, I completely agree that we need those over the top storys and everything to still be around. It seems gamers are too critical anymore if a game tries to be unrealistic. Look at Singularity, it has like no talk around it, but was actually supposed to be a really good over the top sci-fi shooter. I played the demo for Vanquish, and I have to admit, it was really fun. So if you like the crazy weapons and action that may be a good choice. I do wish games wouldn't hold your hand as much, and actually give a pretty decent puzzle.

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I don't have any problem with games being intent on adding large amountsof realism, and I also don't have a problem with games that include fantasy, horror and sci-fi elements that completely evade realism. I think there is a nice mix to be honest.


I don't have a problem with it. I just feel like it's the majority of the market. I really havn't played a current-gen horror game other than SH: Homecoming, Dead Space, and Condemed 2. Which is odd since last gen saw quite a few horror games. Sci-fi has never really been a huge part of ps3 games, but I suppose if a company is looking for success then they'll just go with a tried and true fps formula, that is being destroyed by cranking out a COD every single year (same goes for Assassin's Creed).

Honestly, I wish there were more sci-fi games. There's really an infinite amount of space (no pun intended) to work with. Mass Effect 2 really showed this off. Considering how many people go to comic-cons each year I actually am surprised many developers havn't caught on to this.

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Ok, so I'm not gonna lie, I can get into the whole realism thing in games. Sure, it's not really real, but it adds a nice touch. I even like games that have a heavy story, or some darkness to them. But it seems like too many games anymore are trying too hard to be serious. I used to like the GTA series just because they were usually funny and over the top, I picked up GTA IV, and have yet to get through it just because it's so bleak. Almost every war game is trying to outdue each other by seeing which can be the most real, and then everyone complains a sniper kills you in one shot.

I was wondering if there really are any games that are simply made for fun anymore. Games where I can just sit in front of the TV and mindlessly run about doing cool stuff. Classics that come to mind are along the lines of Gex the Gecko, Spryo, Crash Bandicoot, and even the Twisted Metal series. All of these games had a few sequels as well, which just continued the fun. All I've been able to find for the ps3 is LBG, Modnation Racers, Red Faction, and Borderlands. I'm hoping I just havn't been looking overly hard enough.

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i have the shivering isles and knight of the nine extention and there is oblivion the main quest with much side quest to do. i am a mage guild official evoker member and new to fighter guild.i have build a battle mage:P the question is :is it an order to do the quest with the extention? i don't know if we could begin with shivering isles or if i beat the main game i can't do shivering or the nine? thxwhiteLion64

you should wait to level up a bit before you do the shivering isles, but I believe as someone else said you have to talk to someone during an early quest and then it'll appear on your map as a marker. Knights of the Nine isn't overly hard so you can do that basically whenever, and you get some pretty good armor for it.

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Battlefield pretty much all the way. Engineer and Medic classes never get old. The big attraction for me is that even the smaller maps are still relatively large compared to most COD maps. Plus I find that playing bad company 2 online there is a more mature fan base than COD that has a lot of far too young kids that sort of ruin it unless you play late at night.

However, I did like COD: WAW if I just wanted some quick matches. But overall, Battlefield is more my type of game, it just feels more refined than COD.