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Not a big deal, I have a PS4 with a PS3 and currently play the PS3 more (Dark Souls II and Disney Infinity are taking up my time). Currently my PS4 is being used for Madden, Thief, AC4, and some MP with KZ and BF4 (I prefer KZ, BF4 has given me weird connection issues whereas KZ has been smooth every time and is really well done). And hey, look at this Fall, the games will be there then (Destiny, Dragon Age, Watch Dogs next week, the new Alien game, and so on) so at least you'll have the system and will just need the games then and while you wait, PS3 games are cheap and still really good (I'm catching up on a few I missed, the prices are great now).

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Hey guys, an AC thread, let's all say how much we hate AC because it's the cool and trendy thing to do and we can't form our own opinions and/or accept other people like the series. As for the game, I'm currently playing Black Flag and liking it so I'm hoping this game is at the very least on the same level as that, but I'm trying not to read too much about Unity, just waiting for some gameplay to do the talking, though as of now I have no reason to be opposed to Unity.

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It's OK but not on level with Warrior Within. Still a decent game, my problem was it felt like they really wanted to make the combat like God of War but didn't have the time to do so and it just felt really plain and boring (not that the other games had great combat but it seemed to fit more in those games). The platforming isn't bad and towards the end gets really good. I'd say it's worth a play through, just don't expect it to be as good as the Sands trilogy on the PS2.

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Most games, but definitely Bioshock: Infinite. Played it once, played it again, again, and after a few months am playing it again. It gets me hooked every time, especially now with all the DLC out.

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Did it for Skyrim with a few friends, it was fun to hang out and talk about the game, but nothing special. Then went along with other people for Halo 4, Borderlands 2, and one of the CODs (can't remember which, but I remember a lot of obnoxious people in line and really rude Gamestop employees as I waited for a game I wasn't even getting). But other than Skyrim I haven't had the need to go to a midnight release since most games are in stores day one and special editions have to be ordered anyway so I may as well get them shipped to me.

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Steam sales are killer, but I usually just get indies or MP games from them so I can play them whenever and they won't take too much time. Playstation sometimes killer sales, like when they had the Ratchet and Clank HD trilogy for $10 and their PS+ deal is overwhelming when linking it across PS3, PS4, and Vita, just so many games. But the summer is usually good to catch up on everything since not much comes out then.

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Probably just need a break from gaming. People say gaming now is horrible because of AAA games and yearly releases (but I really only see that for COD and AC so IDK how solid that argument really is) but there are tons of indie games that have a cool retro feel and there's a lot of diversity in genres. Sure, the new systems are currently lacking games but that makes sense considering how new they are. But yeah, probably just a break is needed. I've been finding it better when I get into just a few games throughout a year instead of rushing to play everything that comes out (especially since prices drop so quickly anymore it's best just to get what you really want and wait for the rest) so that way I can get into a game (doing it right now for Dark Souls II but last year the big games for me were Tomb Raider, Bioshock: Infinite, The Last of Us [unfortunately I didn't enjoy it much], Beyond: Two Souls). I've taken breaks from gaming/just casually gamed for a couple months and went back to it, usually spend the time doing other things like catching up on reading or writing a few songs.

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I liked it, not as much as KZ2 but it's still pretty good, at least for me, but I'm a fan of the series (including the PSP and Vita games). Though, some levels do get kind of boring and there's one section in particular towards the middle that I absolutely hate, but for the most part I enjoyed playing it. The MP is also really fun, it's like a nice mix of Halo and COD but still with some distinct KZ elements (and free maps).

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So far I have played about two hours (just got it) and it's been pretty good. The graphics are impressive considering the scope of the game on a handheld. The framerate may take some getting used to but so far I haven't experienced any distracting dips in framerate (it dips some but nothing crazy so far). There have been some instances of the sound having issues, but that's mainly with the voices, as the weapons all seem to work fine (except one gun, but I think that may be more due to its stats since I used another gun the same class and it worked just fine). I was reading that the day 1 patch (released on the 14th I believe) really improved a lot of the issues, but most of the official reviews were finished prior to the patch coming out so their score is technically justified for the product they reviewed. So far I'm rather impressed with the game and how it runs/looks/plays, and this is coming from someone who was really skeptical after reading some of the official reviews.

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I can't stand Gears of War, but we will be getting a new Uncharted, which is a third person shooter and the MP for the past two hasn't been bad.