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Definitely Robin Williams, I can't stand when Bill Murray is the lead, he's good when he's with another person or a group, but alone he gets really annoying. Robin Williams on the other hand can hold his own when it's him as the lead and is surprisingly good at drama acting, such as What Dreams May Come, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, and Bicentennial Man (kind of drug out a little in the middle but otherwise a good movie).

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I leave my discs in my PS3 and PS4, no issues with any of them. Actually, I never remove my discs from a game console unless I'm switching them out and none of my consoles or games have give me any sort of issues or failed on me.

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While a lot of solid games already listed on this thread, but I'd like to add Star Force and Star Soldier (Soldier being the sequel). These games are ridiculously addictive and also very hard. I'd have to look through my collection to find some more hidden gems.

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I'm sure we'll be getting it in the US, if not I doubt they would have showed it at the PS4 reveal event last year.

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Is he the robot voice that tells you what to do and where to go and talks to you during missions? If so, yeah, there's been some not so great dialogue, definitely not on the same level as Cortana.

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I played for about 45 minutes so far and the one thing I noticed (other than bringing in a new version of the flood) is enemies respawn in the same spots really quickly which may be due to the MMO nature of things but felt a little odd. I teamed up with a couple other people and had a good time. Definitely looking forward to playing more and trying out the competitive MP.

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PS2 is still really great, I'd suggest getting a copy of Drakan: The Ancients' Gates, a really fun RPG and you can also fly on a dragon and have aerial combat along with on foot combat as the main character.

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Yes you can but the controls are a little weird, for me at least but it's possible.

Good point, I didn't think of that, but a little KZ online here and there when I'm not home can't be a bad thing

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So I have had a Vita for about a year and a half and a PS4 for about 5 months and have yet to try out the remote play option. My question is, after I set up the remote play feature, can I be at a friend's house, connect to their wifi on my Vita and start playing my PS4, which is at home on my home's wifi network? Taking it a step further, could I then play something like Killzone Shadowfall or Battlefield 4 online through my Vita?

I don't have a big interest in remote play if it only means being able to play PS4 games through my Vita in my house since I have a TV dedicated to my PS4/PS3.

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True about most games also being on PC, I have been trying to figure out which games to get on PC and which to get on PS4. There will probably be more exclusives next year but yeah, this is normal for the beginning of a console generation. Since you have a PC you're probably not missing out on much so waiting makes sense, and yeah, PS3 still has a lot of really good games and at great prices (I still find myself picking up a PS3 game I missed and am playing Dark Souls II and Disney Infinity on my PS3 as my PS4 waits for games).