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The Plain Life - Part 2


We have been trying to have another child, and last year we thought our prayers would come true (please dont tell of this, the others, theyd let it slip).  But several months in she lost her, and reality began to set in.  This place, while lovely, is no different than home, our real home that is.  I shouldnt be talking like this; I only do during these late nights.

No, youre right.  But its not all bad, is it?

Not for us it isnt.  But do we deserve it?  I know Im used to living with money, but should we be judging others so harshly based on where they were born?  After all, many disapproved of us and look how the idea of us grew on them.

Oh your mother definitely wasnt our biggest supporter, and dont even get me started on your grandmother.  Did they really ever like me or was it just them being nice?

Come on now, they liked you plenty, after awhile.

I always knew theyd come around.  All we can do is our part here.  It may not sound like much, but we must try to stay neutral.  Surely theres somewhere for the likes of us to go to, we cant be the only ones thinking this.

Maybe our house will fall from the sky and well live to tell the tale.  Well be just like Dorothy.

**Bioshock: Infinite creative writing entry**