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Microsoft E3 conference

Hmmmm before this E3 I said that MS conference would be weak, we already knew practically all they big releases and I was told there would be new announcements, blah blah blah.

Well having seen the conference MS failed beyond my wildest expectations. Wii gaming doesn't interest me really so I'm awarding this E3 to Sony without even having seen theirs.

MS you should be ashamed.

The best game this summer you've never heard of

So I don't blog very often and you'll see me talk alot about this game over the next month or 2. Bloodbowl. Based on the Games Workshop board game, Bloodbowl is essientially American Football with Orcs, Elves, Ogres, etc you get the picture. It comes with cheerleaders, helmets, pads, chainsaws, deathrollers (like a steam roller with spikes) hell even goblins on pogo sticks!

The game itself is extremely easy to pick up but hard to master. Its the ultimate tactical game, with a degree of luck as there are dice rolls.

Having played in the beta (which I can't talk about obviously) the gamelooks like it will beabsolutely fantastic. Build your team in single player from a starting outfit and take them all the way to the top, or compete online in public and private leagues.

Anyhow, I'm going to stick my neck and say that come June this game will be getting AA here on GS (for fans its a cerrt AAA) and beg anyone with any interest in sports, violence or strategy game ... PLEASE GO BUY THIS GAME YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

A SW death knell? Blackbond banned.

I've long thought SW wasn't as good as used to be. Everyone says this about many things, the Simpsons, the weather, kids behaviour, whatever.

However, today SW was struck a blow, perhaps a mortal one. We've been bleeding many of the better and more entertaining posters (these don't always go hand in hand) for a long time due to bannings, but today we lost the King. Yup Blackbond got banned.

Now love him or hate, and yes many hated him, Blackbond was an entertainer. Often funny, usually informative, Blackbond's posts were guaranteed to attract a crowd as he and his ego took on all comers.

If the ban is permanent SW lost one of its all-time greats today. Sorry to see you go Blackbond, both for SW and personally.

Ok I'm done with System wars

Ok mods congrats you've driven another poster away. The posts, and more importantly the threads, on here that they let go and then mod people for the most ridiculous things has just gotten to me. Its no longer a fun place to post. I hope that the trolls, fakeboys and humorless posters that will be left here shortly enjoy it. I feel sorry for the small number of posters left that are entertaining and genuinely interested in gaming and hope they can revitalise the spirit of the board. Who knows I might come back at some point in the future, but for now I've had enough. Addios.

(Can I just say that I'm not blaming Casey and Cake, who have done their best to hold back the tide on the board, but instead the people who have imposed these regulations. The old spirit of GS and SW has been slowly crushed, to those who are left, enjoy.)

EDIT so I've obviously come back lol (couldn't stay away dammit) What I'm going to do now is just do my best to avoid all the WUM (windup merchants) threads and instead just try and converse with the funny and pleasant posters, I know there are still quite a few of you out there!

Why I have a 360/PC

Unlike most of the people on these boards I've been gaming for a long long time .... remember the BBC, the Vic 20, the sinclar 64? Probably not! I progressed on to the C64, the megadrive (which excluding a couple of games was rather w*nk, Star Command, Streets of Rage and Herzog Zwei FTW!), Amiga, the PC, briefly a Mac (urgh never ever again) and back to the PC.

I have to say I always looked down on consoles. The games I played with people who owned consoles were simply awful (Mario Kart and Sensi Socccer (tho this was out on the amiga too but in college we had a blast with it on the SNES I think it was) 2 big exceptions here). Shallow boring repetitive. I remember showing people civilisation, championship manager, Sim city and they'd be blown away.

Having grown up playing the Bards Tale and the Pool of Radience series and then progressing on to great game like Bladerunner, Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Planetscape Torment, I was absolutely horrified by "RPG's" like FF. How was this an RPG I asked??? My friend who played FF asked what an RPG was, and I retreated into my console hatred even further.

Sure the PS was good for the odd sports game but that was it. None of the games interested me. Then came the Xbox. Halo, in a word class. Single player was awesome. I'd played shooters on my PC and some were great (Doom, Quake 1/2, UT, Aliens vs Pred) but hardly ever played any multi player. All of a sudden we could have 4 of us playing, we could co op the single campaign. 3 of my friends got xboxes and we were having giant halo tournaments every couple of weeks.

Mature RPG's like Morrowind and KOTOR came out. One of my flat mates who hated computer games became a Morrowind addict. Finally a console that catered to a more PC oriented (and certainly hardcore) audience!

Then I moved to the States (from N Ireland), got married and xbox live became a link back home to my mates back there. Halo 2 nights became a regular with 10-12 of us messing around. Don't get me wrong I still loved my PC. None of these games replaced the strategy games like Civ or total war or Championship (now football) manager but the xbox and its titles had won me over.

Now I'm a firm 360 and PC fan (and just you wait Wii, when I see one I'm getting you too!). I still have some of the old bias. When I see people talking about great RPG's and then listing 4 final fantasy games it still gets my goat. Or talking about an "in depth game" that lasts 20 hrs. But I'm getting there, albeit one game at a time!

EDIT and now, as of May 25th 2007 a Wii!!!