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Taxes really do make all the difference in the world.

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the component cables i could add to the PS3 the $599 version.....and if u read my blog post from my earlier....message i sent u still doesnt equal $749 + would be about $680 total...nitrous1013

ok but microsoft gives you component cables in the box, in the 400.00 version. Sony still makes you buy them seperately after you have already dropped 600.00 on the system. So it would come to 680.00 and you still havent bought a game. Not to mention, you now own a barebones, not fully functional blu-ray player. On top of that, your controllers will always cut out because they use a blu-tooth signal, instead of using IR like MS does. The sony controller cuts out b/c bluetooth has to remain an open wavelength for monitering because it is too close to the lower broadband frequency that fire, police, and hospital use, and the FCC has to moniter it. Therefore, its open to every kind of interference imaginable. They will never be able to fix that because of the laws.

Now HDMI. HDMI costs 80.00 for the third party set. I know this, I work at EB games so its not worth arguing with me about. The actual sony HDMI cables cost 109.99. So now if you want a sixty gig system with true HD, thats 600.00 plus 109.99 plus a game, 59.99, and if you want a second controller, thats another 59.99. Furthermore, if you want a headset, that will run you anywhere from 50 to 150 more dollars. So far a premium ps3 with an extra controller and a game costs 773.96 (I added the 7.5% sales tax the HDMI (tax included) costs 118.23 for the sony brand and lastly the headset (tax included again) comes to 53.73. So if you want a system from sony that will do everything its made to do it will cost you 945.92. See how much of a difference tax makes?


Now for an xbox 360 elite: lets assume this is a first time buyer who wants all elite perks.  Most ppl have the system, a headset, and an extra controller with a charge kit. An elite costs 479.99. with tax that would be an addition 35.99 so 515.98. Gears of war would be another 64.49. if you want a wireless headset it would be another 64.49 but microsoft at least includes one for you and most ppl just use that one. You dont have to pay for an HDMI cord because one is included, a battery pack is included, the transfer kit to change stuff to the other HD is included, you still get component cables in the box so you dont have to buy those seperately. We are at 644.96 for an elite, a game, a second controller. A charge kit costs another 21.49 so that brings it to 666.45. So the difference between having all the perks for the xbox, and all the perks for the ps3 is a grand total difference of 279.47.


Remember, Sony makes you buy everything seperately on top of spending 600 for a system. When you include sales tax, its even worse then it seems. The magazines and the authors of articles dont include the tax.


Microsoft gives you a wireless controller, the transfer kit, the 120gb hd, the only thing you are actually paying for is the hd btw, component cables, and an HDMI cable in the box. Not to mention, the HD is externally mounted so if there is a problem with the xbox, its a matter of going to the eb to get a new hd. With sony, you have no choice but to ship it out because its external, and if you open the system you void the warranty. Furthermore my friend, if you call sony for support and you slip up and tell them you are using a thirdparty HDMI cable, component cable, third party ANYTHING, you void your warranty. Microsoft doesnt do that to you. Lastly, ppl **** and whine about online service, but xbox live costs less then 4 dollars a month, and everyone agrees (who has actually used it) that it is amazing. They do an amazing job of bringing the community together. Sony on the other hand carried the PSP interface over to the the ps3 and ppl hated that interface. Lastly, some of sony's online games dont even offer voice chat, you cant see what your friends are actually doing (last I heard, correct my if I am wrong) and last time I stocked the wall it occurred to me that xbox has more 1080p games then sony, who was constantly bragging about it. Two games support 1080p on sony ps3, one is nba 07, the other I cant remember. I think its another sports game. This is all because sony doesnt want to charge money for online. They know if they did on top of everything else you have to buy, no one would buy the thing.


And for the record, I am one of the managers at the eb where I live, we havent sold a ps3 in over a month, and we have 6 of them sitting in the back room. We have however had 2 returns as for the money back and one trade in for a 360.

Remember again, if you read that link that I sent you, the techies who have opened up and seen the guts of these two systems are aware that the 360 is the more powerful of the two systems. Not by much, but anything ps3 can do, ms can typically do a little bit better. Keep in mind sony has a track record of overpromising and underachieving. The ps2, while the most popular system of the last gen, is decently weaker then the xbox and the gamecube. The gamecube was the most powerful of that age, with a custom made chipset designed for them by ATI. The xbox came in close second, and the ps2 in third.