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SOE = Third Reich of the Gaming world.

So finally, after two years of playing Star Wars Galaxies, the game has finally drawn to a close for me. Who in the world at SOE thought that bringing a new combat system, which is actually the combat system from Everquest II, would be a good idea? Do they not feel it necessary to listen to their fans? The paying customers? When you throw down a beta testing server and you take feedback and 82% of the people tell you something blows, then do not incorporate it! Now SOE is wondering why boatloads of players are cancelling their accounts! In an effort to make the game more balanced, they have simply succeeded in completely ruining what us veteran players have come to know and love. We don't play galaxies because we want to play everquest, we hate everquest. If we wanted to play everquest then we would have spent our money on everquest! We want galaxies! SOE is like the Third Reich of the gaming world, they suck, I am cancelled, and I will never play another SOE game. I hope Middle Earth doesn't end up under their control :(.