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Musical Rant.

The problem with metal is there is so much good metal to be had, and so little time to find it all. Ranging from Australian Underground F*ck...I'm Dead to finnish Torsof*ck, there is an untapped gold mine of good music. Even the more well known of European Metal is incredible. The US I feel is on a decline as far as metal goes. Pantera was never good, though I did have and still do have respect for Dimebag. Slayer was always mediocre, and Iron maiden just sucks. I don't care if they are the fathers of power metal or not. They suck. They were never good. The only song thay was ever any good was Holy Smoke. Good Powermetal can be found in Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall, and Nightwish (god Tarja is hot....)

The only thing keeping life in American Metal for me personally would be Lamb of God. Century Media just signed some new band from Syracuse...something of sin or something like that. Doesnt matter. They will probably blow too. Nobody ever listens to Nile, or Kreator or anything like that. You can't just sit down next to someone and say..."so how what did you think of the new Norther album?" They look at you like you're retarded. But you can sit down next to someone and try to talk metal with them on a kindergarten level. Example:

"What do you think of that new Norther Album?"

::Blank Stare:: and then "Dude sometimes, I go on a Mushroomhead binge. I can't seem to help it man. I rock out to Mushroomheads latest dose of rank garbage, then I pound it out to the latest Slipknot album. Man I love Vermillion."

::I get up and walk away::

Way to be a loser. Does anyone realize that Slipknot is not Metal? They were metal once upon a time. They are alternative. Come on people how much does it suck to go from playing First Stage at Ozzfest, only to release this craptacular does of garbage titled "Vol. 3; The Subliminal Verses," which you say is an incredible achievement for the band only to play Second Stage at Ozzfest? Does being demoted now signify that you are improving? Has anyone told these guys their glory days are over? The only people still listening to Slipknot are little kids going through a phase similar to that of the Marilyn Manson one my generation went through when I was in Middle School.

Sadly our music is becoming harder and harder to find. I have contributed my vast collection of albums to a Radio Show here at my College, titled obviously the Metal Show. It does consist of Mostly European Metal such as The Haunted, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Bloodbath, Children of Bodom, etc. Surprisingly it became the most popular show out of all the rest of the local stuff here in this little town. Surprising that a bunch of country bumpkins who like to stuff cornseeds between their teeth and run around after their sister going "hyuck hyuck" would enjoy something other than deep bluegrass garbage.

It comes down to the Internet for us. The Forums, our communication across states via a broadband line seem to be for the most part the only way for the most hardcore of hardcore metal fans to keep in touch. I would say just about everyone on this forum is hardcore. Way to be guys. Awesome. Time for class. yay.