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The Launch

Finally, after the long wait, my 3DS came yesterday. It is an amazing piece of kit. The box it arrived in is stylish. The colour scheme on the console itself is beautiful. Three shades of Aqua Blue candy paint. The analogue nub is a great addition, and third and first person action games will benefit greatly from this. The power button is in a better position and is an actual button rather than a slider now. The three buttons below the touch screen, select, home, and start, are also a great addition, making them a lot more accessible whether playing a game or not. All the other buttons also feel a lot more refined, and sturdier. The touch screen itself has been vastly improved from its predecessor, which I always found sluggish and a bit of a chore on certain games, this new touch screen is very fluent and requires no effort at all, no more pressing down hard just so the touch screen recognises you. The Nintendo 3DS Camera and Nintendo 3DS sound are nice little apps to have included. The Mii Maker is a lot better suited to this console than the Wii, with the Mii's being used for a greater range of games than they were on the Wii, even the ones built into the console itself. The Mii Plaza is used to a greater extent by this new console, StreetPass Mii Plaza makes great use of StreetPass feature which I will give a more extensive test on this coming Monday. The Mii Plaza has two great games which require you to pass other 3DS owners in the outside world, which brings a whole new meaning to portable gaming. The augmented Reality Games are also a fantastic feature, containing many minigames to show off just a few of the 3DS's capabilities. Face Raiders is one of the best games included, and is hilarious when you see it in action, the game actually made me smile while I was playing, giving some credibility to Nintendo's commercials for the Wii, they just used the wrong console. The activity log holds some more weight and more intuitive than the similar app they used with the Wii Sports, tracking not only your top played games, and how long you've played each of them, but also tracking your total hours played on the 3DS, which days you recently played the 3DS, and how many steps you took, as well as what days you brought your 3DS out with you. Notifications are nice way of using just one of the many features with StreetPass. The Game Notes app could bode useful, with certain games. The Friends List is also a nice feature, hinting that Nintendo were too safe with their previous consoles and have learnt the error of their ways, they catered for the casual gamers, but with their main target audience (Children) not being able to play this, they had to target the Hardcore (Yes!), and they're coping well, so far. With the Internet Browser, and Ninetendo 3 eShop still to come, as well as more, I'd say Nintendo are onto a winner. At Last. Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is a nice starting game, and shows off that Turn-Based Stratagy games will be a lot more suited to this new console, with its predecessors not holding up nearly as well as this one. Ghost Recon SW is a great starting game, in my opinion. I like the series as a Turn-Based Strategy game more :P

P.S. This blog would have been up yesterday, but my Notebook glitched, crashed, and my previous blog was wiped from the page.

The 3DS's Release Is (FINALLY!) Upon Us

Finally the 3DS's release is nearing, the end of this month this month in fact. After tracking and following it from Nintendo's announcement, after waiting all this time, looking forward to it. It is about to be released. After scouting out the best price and bundle, I finally preordered it today, while my best friend was present, and can't wait to get my hands on it. Best of all it comes out on a Friday, which means I should be in for the delivery, or should it be the day before, like has happened in the past, I should be home from University in time for the delivery, but if not I'll be able to pick it up from the post office. Just have to wait for my Aqua Blue 3DS and Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.


Finally got my gamertag back, after being online, emailing them, and finally ringing them up I was able to retrieve my email address for my profile which had gone missing. Played a bit of the Halo Reach Beta just before my 360 froze, it had been doing this quite a bit recently, so I turned it off and on as usual. The Xbox 360 logo came half onto the screen when it froze again. After being turned off and on again, it came, the 'Red Ring Of Death' had possessed my console yet again. After failing to register my console on their official website for repair, I once again had to call them up again in the space of a day. After going through their automated machine I finally got through to someone, after explaining my situation, he asked for my consoles serial number again. Being an original Xbox 360 from release the warranty was long gone, but I thought they would have extended the warranty at least a year, after they'd fixed it once, wishful thinking.

They want £98 to fix what they should have fixed for good the first time around?

They want paying for a fault that the console shouldn't even have in the first place?

They want paying for something that possessed my console through no fault of my own?


Where are my tools?

Part Of The Elite Few

I am now part of the Elite few who can wholeheartedly, and truthfully say that they have wiped their entire Xbox 360 HD of every last one of their gamesaves by mistake. My 360, for some reason unknown, had made a duplicate of my Gamer Tag, right next door to the original, so I thought why not delete it, I pressed delete scrolled up and pressed the A button, while in mid motion of doing this I said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" but it was too late, 'Delete Profile And Items' was the option I had chosen. All of my gamesaves done. Anybody else part of this exclusive club. In fact anybody part of the doubly exclusive club of deleting every gamesave from both your 360, and PS3, or the near impossibly exclusive club of having all your gamesaves deleted from you PC, 360, and PS3? Only the Wii to go to get into the next club.

My PS3 gamesaves were deleted because I accidentally formatted the HD, I wanted the option below.

I've lost my PS3 gamesaves twice now, the first was during an impossible situation, my room wall, were all of my main stuff is, is shared with a room full of kids on the other side. For some reason all my possessions shook on my shelf including my Phantasm ball,, it rolled to the end of the shelf, fell onto my chest of draws, rolled across my remote controls on the top of it, fell yet again and landed straight onto my brand new PlayStation 3, a month after its release. I had to take it back the shop to get a new one, and, atthat time, had no way of retrieving my gamesaves.

My PC Gamesaves were all on an External HD, whilst at college we had a power surge through our house, both my HD and my dad's recordable DVD player were broke because of that.

In fact my PC gamesaves were lost on two occasions, after the event with the last one, I bought a new one and started my games over again, the next freak accident was that my new HD fell from a table, only about a foot high, and I lost everything all over again.

Anybody else part of this highly exclusive club, or is it just me?

Snowed in with essays!

Been snowed in lately with college coursework. 3000 word essay on how appearance in reality is presented within Othello, Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, and Fight Club. We got the option to choose the books and the theme that we wrote the essay on, though we had to choose Othello. Had to sort my sketchbook out for art, plus write my evaluation, final piece evaluation, and analyse the rest of mine and other artists artwork. Now onto my film studies coursework, an 1800 word script, with full analysis of camera angles, shots and shot size. :?

Thought I'd save the easiest for last :P (which it really is.)

Wow... Game Over... Again?

Another of my friends... banned?

Although this time was bizarre.

I received an automated message today saying someone had started tracking me... so naturally I choose to track him/her too, then as I go to view their profile he/she had been banned... on the same day that they had decided to start tracking me?

WOW...Game Over

While waiting for college to start I was posting on Gamespot on my friends profiles only to find that a person on my friends list had been banned for violating the codes of conduct... I wonder what she did:question:...