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My new start at Gamespot...

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Well, after much deliberation,I finally decided to pay for membership at Gamespot, and fulfil my love for gaming!

I've just wrote a review for Modern Warfare 2, as I have been dying to express my opinion on this game for quite a while, you can all view the review here;;review1

Well after posting this review, I saw a really good job position opening for a gaming website, as a voluntary reviewer. Being voluntary didn't really bother me much,I already have a full time job so I thought why not work on something I love doing on a subject I love talking about! So I emailed the guy, and the next thing you know, he's sent me a promo version of Army of Two: The 40th Day to review in the upcoming week! And of course, best of all, I get to keep the games after posting succesful reviews! This couldn't be any more of an incentive to continue my love for games, and I'll hopefully have my own review to post here on Gamespot very soon!