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Liverpool Squad just skulked round the back of our building!

So I just had a quick cigarette break, and who do I notice coming round the corner but Sammy Lee, the Liverpool Assistant Manager, in a Liverpool tracksuit. "Naaah, can't be him" I thought to myself. Sure enough, who walks up behind him but Jamie Carragher! Now i'm starstruck.

I couldn't think what to do, so all I said was "Alright Jamie" He politely winked and smiled and walked on.

'But surely ifthey're here, where's Steven Gerrard!?

Then, the man of the hour walks past with Riera and Mascherano at his side. At this point I just thrown down my cigarette and walked towards him.

"Steve! Can I have an autograph?!" I blurted out.
"Your a bit old for that aren't you mate?" Inhis famousLiverpool accent.
"Erm, yeah I suppose. Sorry, I haven't got my camera or anything!" I said apologetically.

My idol as a 14 year old playing regular football was, Steven Gerrard. I loved, and still love, watching him play, and I didn't get as much as an autograph :(

The whole squad were skulking round the back of our building to avoid the screams following their coach. I could just never picture them walking down this....Car Park is the best I can describe it!

When I came back upstairs, obviously other people had heard the news and went looking for them in Regents Park. One bloke in the building actually got Steven's picture, and needless to say, I now hate this person.

I kissed my cigarette packet, thinking that if I didn't smoke, I would never have saw them!!


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