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Geordie Shore?!!

I used to like my TV.

It used to fill my life with entertaining shows. Interesting documentaries and the rest of it.

Now, I'm not so sure.

I recently witnessed an advert for a programme called Geordie Shore. What's that you say? What's Geordie Shore about? Well, as far as I can tell. It follows abunch of Geordie delinquents and their"Nightlife Antics". Normally I wouldn't mind about a programme like this. But considering how much the"yoof" of today have become...what's the word? Thick! I cannot bear to watch a group off***ing idiots, who think copying the twice as trashy programme over the pond "Jersey Shore" is actually the way to Stardom. But it is!! Look at the equally as f***ing annoying show "The Only Way is Essex" JUST F**K OFF!! No one cares about watching idiots entertain themselves!

Watching the advert for Geordie Show really wound me up. Sure, many people I know go by the statement "Living for the weekend" as do I! But these "people" seem obsessed with their partying! One woman in the advert claims she covers herself in brine??! I hope to God I heard it wrong because that is purely disgusting. The blokes seem obsesses with their muscular figures to pull women. They really do seem like your hardcore party people, but with an attempt to get on your f***ing nerves! One woman claims she will get up on the highest point in the club and "Get on like like a car bonnet!" I hope to God she actually gets shunted and found under a car bonnet. The sickening thing is, these people will be followed by thousands and have a name for themselves amongst the kids of the today. It really does make me wonder what it takes to become famous these days...