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blazing_quilava Blog

Back again for a (possibly) limited time only!

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Yeah I thought I would see what was going on here since I gota laptop and thus can actually stay online consistently even when away from home. Other then that I have also been playing pokemon more now as well a lot Halo, Gears 3, and I'm looking forward to AC: Revalaions, MW3, Batman: Arkahm City, Battlefield 3 and most of all Halo: CE.

Outside of the gaming front I've been doing well in school and at work where I've been getting a good number of hours and well... let's see... umm not really much to say.

I'm just gonne stop this here cause I don't have much else to say. Anyway Leave a comment.

*Pokes in the door* How's it going?

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Well have been on here in awhile, but I thought I would hop on. I would really like to get active again, but because of school, my job, piano lessons, and going to the gym (which I amfinally getting to on a regualr basis) I haven't had a lot of free time and what I do have I spend play Halo, Black Ops, and other games. However I am going to try and get on atleast once a week and blog and see how my friends (who will probably have no idea who I am anymore) are doing. Anyway I've been playinh a lot of Halo and a fair amount of Black ops lately and I'm hopinh to get Assassin's Creed brotherhood real soon. I've also been doing a fair amount of skateboarding (though I'm not good... at all), but now that is has iced over here I doubt I'll do much more of that for awhile. However, I don't mind seeing seeing as I will get to go snowboarding soon. Anyway I'm still pretty much the same person I was when I left (which isn't toogood). Well I'll be on once in awhile probably more soon cause I finally got a phone I can get internet on. Anyway leave a comment is you remember me and are happy to see me. Also what union's are active anymore, cause Is would like to get in somwhere.

What'd I ever do to you?

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Seriously KillerWabbit... I thought we we're friends...... you make me sick

  1. My friend is being a table right now.
  2. Sgt-Yoshi wrote that last comment.
  3. I have no idea where my PSP is.
  4. A creepy guy at work kept making wookie sounds.
  5. My friend's table impresion sucks.
  6. I have stuff to dye my hair white:D
  7. I plan to use it on my birthday this friday:P
  8. My friend and I played an awesome round of halo swords (we won)
  9. I am NOT Sgt-Yoshi.
  10. 's underling.

HAHA I have done it. It a slightly confusing manner, but who cares right. seriously who cares about this blog?

And now to shoot DarthKaiser, Rockstar964 and CornMoose2010.

What up with people?

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I got led around the parking lot of Fareway for ten minutes today. Dude couldn't findhis car.

Did you miss me...... what is that supposedmean?

So yeah I left cause I got a ton of games, hours at work and of course school. Plus I lost a lot of interest in pokemon and that was a large reason I was on here. I'll be on more now that I finally caught up with things.

I'm currently playing Modnation Racers, Gears of War and Halo 3 O.D.S.T.

I turn sixteen in just two weeks. Then I can get more hours at work and make more money :D

I'm also taking care of Sgt-Yoshi's dog whilehe vists family. Keely is much large than my dogs.

One of my dogs is having surgery. He has a problem with his leg that make the joint fall out of place and then he has to walk on three legs. I don;';t get to see him again til sunday :(

I think that's it....... um..... yeah that's it.

I've done it. I have achieved greatness! (gaming style)

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I own a PS2, PS3 (slim), PSP,Nintendo DS lite, Wii,and as an hour ago today,,, An Xobx 360 elite. Yes earlier today my dad gave me a ride and loaned me a lot of money so that I could get the X360 Elite spring bundle, an extra controller, a recharge pack, a recharge pack recharge station, a cooling fan and the wi-fi adapter. I haven't set it up yet it's still in the box. I probably will after work and then download the original halo and play that. Life is good. I'm planning on make my Gamer Tag "Moving into motion, I haven't completely rested on that. Leave your opinions of game to get and such. Other then Halo games I'm getting Gears of war, The orenge box, Alan wake, Banjo-kazooie nut's and bolts as well asLeft 4 dead.


My excuse of in-actviity.

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Assassin's Creed II. That would be it. I just beat it a about an hour ago. No I didn;t get the platinum trophy Imean that I got all stroy objectives and well as gylphs and such. Not feathers. To many. Anyway don't expect my activity to improve soon. I've still got Lost Planet and Assassin's Creed I. Plus Modnation Racers came and I'm loving that. I've only made a few mods/ karts/ tracks due to teh three simple words at the begining of this blog. Anyway I'll get active on a few weeks probably when school lets up a little and I beat these games. Hopefully by then I''ll also be back into pokemon and I can start posting in the Ninja Kitten Home Skillet Union that my friend MADE ME JOIN.

A quick and utterly pointless blog.

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Ello peeps. I just thought I'd post since it's been a while. Anyway....uhhh..... I got a new trampoline. The old one was breaking... :( and the new one isn't as bouncy like the old one cause it had been left out in the winter and got it's springs streatched... :(:(:( I miss it. Anywy I just ordered the original lost planet so I could play it before I get the second. And I only have one more week til MNR..... Oh and I have a piano reciteal the same day. I'm a little stresssed out that I'll mess up. Ugh....wish me luck. Anyway.....uhm....that all?.... nah..... cause....

I'm a banana

And zombies

And this?

No wait is it was this.

And uh......hmm Iron man 2 was really good.

Wow I really do suck at writing.

Modnation Racers. Yes.

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It is truly that simple. I'm looking so forward to getting it. I'm gonna preoreder off amazon and get release delivery so that I can play right away. Plus I get ten dollars off my next game order from amazon. WOO HOO! I've been thinking of track, kart and charectars desings I'm not even sure if I'll make it too may 25th. Who else is going to get it and if you are preordering where are you doing that???

Woot Woot it's MTN DEW!

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I'm most everyone (in america) has head of the new Dew flavor contest. What one are you picking

Distortion? *Currently sitting at 23%

White Out? *Currently sitting at 39%

Typhoon? *Currently sitting at 38%

There they are and what will you pick? I'm going with White out. It tast a lot like Sierra mist, but It's still a fare amount different. Plus I don't like Typhoon. It tastes like a mixture of MTN DEW and Pineapple juice. Ugh. Distotion is okay, but I think it's a bit too simalar to the regular. I also don't like the look of Typhoon. White out and Distorion both look pretty cool though. One last thing. The name. White Out sounds coolest to me so does Distiortion. Typhoon sounds kinda coo, but I don't thinkit sounds as good with the others.

Mountain Dew: Regular, Code Red, Livewire, Voltage and Distortoin?, White Out? or Typhoon?

So I've been working for about three weeks.

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I just thought I wuld let everyone know that my job is going well. People have learned my name and I'm (slowly) learning theres so that's good. Anyway I get paid on thursday adn I make $7.50 an hours so I'm a happy. Also I've got 11hours this week which is more that before so I'll make and this is only a rough estimate about $70 8)next week on payday. will make about $50 this week so woot.:P

Bye peoples :P

Oh and go to the PLU boards so that you can see my awesome new sig made by the up and coming artist DarthKaiser He's really getting good. (ecspecially considering how new he is at this.