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Been away for a while...

So i've been away for a while from gamespotand the last time i did a blog was when i was playing call of duty 4 which was a while back. Now I know i don't talk to most of you here at gamespot but i come here every once in a while to see whats going on in the gaming world.So what have i been up to? I've been playing halo 3 just got my 47 in team slayer which is nice, but i have to say halo 3 is getting boring... Anyways i want to get guitar hero 3 but ive never played guitar hero but i've heard it's a lot of fun and looks like it too. The only thing is the price tag 100 dollars is a lot of money for a game and i only buy games out there thats worth the money so i rarely buy games and when i do they are games they usually last me a while. So i'l probablly try guitar hero 3 at my friends house before i make my decision. Another thing is Super Mario Galaxy is coming out in 2 weeks so it's not looking so good for guitar hero i want to save my money for SMG. So thats about it and i want to take the time to thank the people that haven't taken me off their friends list during my time away from gamespot, which i don't think anyone has yet lol. So hopefully i can be more active in the gamespot community till then later.

My time killer before Halo 3 comes out

Call of Duty 4. I just got into the public beta thanks to gamespot I didn't think i'd actually get a token because I just got back from school and I thought i was gonna be a bit late thankfully I'm not, and right now i'm in the middle of downloading it from the marketplace. rom what i've seen and heard it looks and plays great and is supposed to last for a couple more weeks. Anyways I can't wait to play the game until Halo 3 comes out. So for anyone who has a 360 and live go and get you're free token while they are still available :)

Its a good time to be a gamer

This X-Mas so many good games are coming out. You have Halo 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Super smash bros brawl, Grand theft auto 4, and then early in 2008 MGS4. To keep things short these next couple of months will bring the nex generation and for sure one of these games will be an instant classic that will be remembered in the next decade. So what ever system you own just be happy that some classics will be coming soon, but don't be happy for you're wallet this holiday season!

Gameplay footage of Halo 3 alpha/beta video

here is a pre-build of Halo 3 it shows some of the guns that will be present in the new installment. In the vid they show the sniper, battle rifle and for those who loved Halo CE the pistol is once again making it's return. But from the video shown it seems that the BR will be the weapon of choice and the  pistol will be abandoned again. But who knows, anyway after watching the video i'm not to impressed so far after all it's only the alpha and i still will be buying crackdown for the game and of course the alpha. But anyways here's the link to the video it's from the halo 3 union, the video was taped by some guy from youtube or something, but anyways just click the link before the bungie cops come and take it away lol.

ruined Twilight Princess for myself...

After years of waiting Twilight Princess finally came out. And after playing it i can now say i ruined the game for myself. During the long 3 years of development and hoopla buzzing around this game, i looked at basically every spoiler. It came to a point where i knwe everyting about TP everything from Link turning to a wolf, to Midna and the Twilight Realm. I even knew the first temple and eveerything in it A.K.A the forest temple. And to top it all off the day after TP came out for the wii some kid on the foums posts the ending cinema to TP, thankfully i didn't see it all. But to conclude once i got TP there wasn't really any excitement left for me i knew about Minda, i knew about the twilight realm. Anyways im about to start the 3rd dungeon and i really have no ambition to play it, maybe i just don't like the gameplay or it's not so good graphics after playing Gears to much. Anyways i know one thing i'm not going to spoil Lost Odyssey for myslef(now my new most anticipated game ATM) by looking around for info. Because it might just spoil the whole experience just like happened with TP. Hopefully i can finish TP one day.

Happy Holidays!

I know this is my second blog post for the day, but i'd just like to say happy holidays to all my friends on Gamespot and to everyone in the Gamespot community.

Small Arms for the Xbox Live Arcade

This game is the reason why Xbox Live Arcade was made. Small Arms is basically a Super Smash Brothers with furry animals, great graphics and guns. Even though this game is great it has no where near as much depth as Super Smash Bros. This is expected since the game is only 10 dollars. But this game does exceed Super Smash Bros in one area online play. With leaderboards and statistics and no lag online play, this is what gives the game excellent replay value. You can also chat online and customize matches this is one area in which Microsoft will always Reign online play. Even though i have a Wii i just don't see Super Smash Brothers Brawl, having better online multiplayer than Small Arms. I remember when i owned a DS matches were hard to find in mario kart, there were friend codes for each individual game(which got innoying) and there was major lag and bad connection issues. Who knows maybe Nintendo will fix these problems for the wii's online multiplayer. Anyways thats about it, so for anyone looking for a great Xbox live arcade game Small Arms is the way to go, trust me you wont miss your 10 dollars.

On November 26, 2006 i got a Nintendo wii

Well, I finally got one guys. After my first camping experience i have to say it was pretty fun. I arrived at Bestby at 4:00 in the morning to take my spot at number 11. While i was there i met some really cool people and hardcore gamers. It was nice talking to other gamers that knew what they were actually talking about. We talked about all things nintendo and just about gaming in general and what gaming would be in the future, we even talked about the power glove coming back. It was also really cool how people didn't take anyones spots or fought for a place in line. Everyone was friendly like i said and you could go out of the line for an hour and people would protect you're spot which was nice. So eventually over 40 people came and there were only 20 wii's i was number 11 so i was good, but things did get a bit crazy in the end. So in the end to make things short i got my wii. Although it was more than a 5 hour wait it was worth it. I got my wii and i'm happy and made some new friends and met gamers alike, in the end we became one big wii family. In my opinion every gamer should experience a campout at least once because in reality it's not that bad it's like one big overnight party in front of a store lol. Well anyways i'm gonna wrap it up here i got some wii sports and zelda to play. And until the next blog post which should be in a long time peace out.


selling my 360, and getting a wii

For those of you wondering why i've changed my emblem and quit the mistwalker union the reason is because i will be buying a wii and selling my 360. After talking and thinking about selling the 360, a friend of mine is willing to buy the 360 for around 300 dollars which is 50 dollars more than i expected. Because of this i am now basically forced to sell it and buy a wii and zelda this november, with my 400 dollar ebgames gift card and as for the 300 dollars i'm getting ill probablly save that up for anything else i might want in the future. Also 2 of my friends actaully like red steel and zelda and i can't wait to show them wii sports as well it's gonna be a blast and it will get my heart pumping for b-ball. So in the end everyone is happy my friend gets a 360 i get 300 big ones and o yeah i get a free wii and zelda.
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