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Rise of the hardcore Shooter

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Call of Duty and Battlefield pretty much dominate the modern FPS multiplayer world and for good reason. Whoever lately it seems that is somewhat started to die down a little bit. I don't know about you but I think there's a sudden interest in hardcore shooters now. I'm talking about modern military hardcore shooters and also arena shooters.

Let's start with the obvious news. So incase you haven't heard, Epic, the developers of the Gears of War series are developing a new Unreal Tournament specificaly for PC and also former head of Epic Cliff Bleszinski has formed a new company to create his own arena shooter. If that isn't a sign for a return to hardcore shooters then I don't know what it. There's also the abundance of indie devs that have been creating more hardcore oriented multiplayer games for those who remember the old Rainbow Six game such as Insurgency, Due Process and Interstaller Marines.

This is an exciting time for me since I myself have been craving for a shooter that relied on actual teamwork and tactics or fast reflexes and the power to rocket jump. The CoD's and Battlefields have run thier course and the gamers of classic multiplayer experiences want to see THIER games return.

Noob Reviews

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I don't remember when it started but I have always wanted to review video games. I really do enjoy games and my interest for them has enabled me to understand them and the industry around it.

With the rise of video reviews and YouTube i have been influenced by certain YouTubers. Eg. Totalbiscuit, The Completionist, Jesse Cox, Angry Video Game Nerd. I am not entirely sure what kind of videos I would make but this was a start

I hope to make more videos in the future once much important aspects of my life are out of the way.

EA doesn't want my money apparently

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Well seeing that on Origin there is a sale on, I saw Battlefield 3 Premium Edition for $35. That includes all the DLC so I thought it was pretty damn good deal. But sadly of course EA has to screw something up. Origin keeps failling to authorise my billing details. I've tried it many times, looked on the forum, contacted customer support, but nothing works. So EA can have none of my money. I guess i'll spend my $35 on something on Steam.

Battlefield Bad Company crashes

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Geez i buy BBC2 and i expect it too run slow since my cpu doesn't reach the requirements but i can handle it, so i finally download the Beta play for 5 mintues then BAM the game crashes to the desktop and freezes forcing me to restart and it still crashes even after all these patches. Well i guess i can atleast play the singleplayer but sometimes that crashes.

End of Rant