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Holy ****

I'm back on gamespot! nobody remembers me! and god damn don't I just love it.

Its just time to start up the old account, update the game list, and start making new friends :D

So, anyone still in my friends list worth knowing? or are you just ghosts of the past n_n

Xbox 360? really?

yes, i have (for some reason) decided and already purchased a 360, but at a bad time, right before the beginning of a new semester of school :( full system, but i havnt took the time to look for games; i know of 360 games id LIKE to have, but are there any i NEED to have? I know the online community of gamespot will have some answers for me, hopefully. please leave a comment with games that are must have, other than halo3 and gears of war :P

new parts, and eventually, new games

well, i finally went and did it, i bought a whole new computer, part by part, somthing that i really have wanted to do, but never had the time or money to look into. so now after ordering, im just waiting for my parts to come in the mail, then i get to have the joy of hooking every single part up. hopfully i will get bioshock for it, but i dout i can run halo 3 just now, ill probably have to get some 300 dollar video card just to run it.

worst thing ever...

earlier this week my psp got stolen.

normally i would have been really pissed, but now that a new kingdom hearts game is planned to come out on it, IM FRIGGIN PISSED OFF! damn!

but, on the up side, im putting together a high end gaming computer. good thing, but a very bad thing too

Schools out!

woot, finally, the highschool nightmare ends, but for how long? well, till next september, but o well, gonna make the most of having nights that stay up past midnight. also, new gf, pretty slick for getting out of school in the same day :)

umm, wheres my medal?

well, yesterday i got a new metal, a oldschool gamer medal, and now, when i look again, its gone, and im...angry. Im mostly just wondering where the hell it went...

Coffee shop

well, today i started working for a coffee shop, and i started my training today, and i have to say, pretty fun.

also, summer is coming up, and that means lots of free time to do stuff, so, woot for that.

FINALLY, after all the waiting

im going im going im going to go pick up my copy of god of war 2!

seriously, i would have waited in the snow and rain to get it first, but i was pretty busy

but now i have to the spare time to run out and get it!

after like, 2 years of waiting and stuff; its about time.

thats what i even named my Gamespot account after, the bad a**ness of kratos.

so yea, going with with a girl also, so, today is looking pretty good :)



level 12, finally, although i never did anything to get it up really :P
o well, leveling in Wow is much better; i dont feel any different when i surf gamespot!