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i know its being 5 months since my last blog.

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Hey guys whats up. i know i havent posted anything for 5 months but dont worry everyday i visit gamespot and look at the blogs and news. But im actually spending more time at giant bomb and gametrailers.

Anyway thats what i did in the 5 months.

got a blue psps because the silver one broke.

got final fantasy xii crisis core

got madden 09 for the psp

got the orange box for the 360

got farcry intincts predator

preordered gears 2

got bttlefield bad company

bought a snes with 11 games. ..... i miss my child hood

got a new cellphone

got new sunglases

and im going to star working again in a restaraunt today

thats all i rember cya next time

ohh ye...... and i also got a girls phone numba just for fun.

its beeing 29 days into the new year. and here is what ive accomplished.

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ok lets start with all the things i accomplished this year.

Beat undertown

finished ghost recon advanced warfighter 2

finished ghost recon advanced warfighter 1

half way through bioshock, not in the mood to playing it.

became a colonel in halo 3. almost a brigadier now.

got through all my midterms

watched meet the spartans, JUNO, and cloverfield

preordered the game and beat the god of war chains of olympus demo

wrote a couple of blogs

thats about it.

What i want to acomplish in the next month

finish splinter cell double agent

finish bioshock

maybe finish marvel ultimate alliance

play some call of duty four which is currently away from me

and maybe start forza motorsport two which im really not in the mood for playing.