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Join us.....

Hello,and if you are looking for a good Naruto union to settle down in or if you just want to join one to hang out in then you should join The Naruto Ninja Academy Union.......its been up for a while and had so many different leaders,but now we have found one that was born to lead...Darkreleaser.......So we are coming back up and we need active members.Also watch our union video then join us....

Tag,I'm it!

Yep.....I got tagged and now I shall tell you all 5 things you dont know about me

1)My real name is Dante

2)I know what this means: me wo tojite (close your eyes)

3)I can see the future

4)I got tagged by Eucalpta

5)I'm 17 years old.

I do not wish to tag anyone so thats the end of this blog....

Anime List

Hello everyone,I havent made a blog in a while cuz I'm not much of blogger....Anyway just tell me your anime list,it could be any anime you ever watched or just the current anime you are's mine......



Full Metal Alchemist

Death Note


Ghost in Shell



Thats it for now but I plan to get into more.Thanks for your time and have a nice day:D


Who would win?


Byakuya vs Urahara!This would be the awesomest battle ever,too bad it probaly will never happen:(.Anyway if this battle did happen who do you think would win?

If you like bleach check this out!

Whats up everybody!If u like bleach unions then you should join the xXxSoul SocietyxXx union its kinda new and we need more recruits and u might have a chance to lead ur own squad if ur active enough but if you dont get to lead ur own squad you still can have fun in the union.We are gonna have contest and events but the only thing holdin us back is lack of members so if ur lookin for a cool union to meet new ppl thenjoin the union:D