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Free TV section on PSP PSN

I just noticed there's a few interesting stuff on there that exceeds 20 min.

Although some of you may have already noticed, I just thought it'd be cool to let those of you who don't know, know.


Lost Season Catch-up - 44 min

Naoki Urasawa's Monster Episode 1 - 25 min

Kell on Earth Episode 1 - 45 min

Important Things With Demetri Martin Episode 1 - 22 min

The Sarah Silverman Program Season 2 Episode 7 - 22 min

The Bannen Way Parts 1-9 - Each about 7-8 min

The Real Housewives of New York (Lol?) - I think its a season preview but anyway, its 23 min

NYC Prep - Preview, 23 min

Jesse James is a Dead Man - 22 min

PSP Comics Up and Running

I've been skimming through it for a while, and i cant decide what to buy first.

They're quite cheap right now and i hope it stays that way.

$1.99 is the price tag for the majority, and I hope they have new releases (IF they decided to put up new releases) priced the same.

I mean, i refuse to pay too much for a digital comic, simply for the fact that it's digital. ..Unless it's X-men of course :D

There's plenty free comics up right now. 16 i think I saw. This includes the other 4 I think we've had for a while

Soul Calibur BD

Wow, this morning i finally got bored with Soul Calibur BD.

After 40 hours of total playing time, I have now mastered Cassandra.

Time to switch characters...

PS3 Budget Progress : )

So i have...roughly 50 dollars :?

Subtract 40 for SOCOM FTB3 next year and that makes it $10

SO ... yea, i still need about $320 for a 120gb PS3 :cry:

Damn. :x

O well... :roll:

First Post!

So I decided to start a blog, about a few seconds ago, (How convenient, at 11:22PM :D), but I have **** homework to do, so Ill be constantly updating this page with PSP news, which Ishould've started doing a longtime ago.

I will get a PS3, as soon as I'm done working over the summer.

But as for now i can only provide PSP news, and I'll start off by posting stuff from the previous week.

Hopefully someone will read, but either way, I'll still keep doing whatever i want to 8)